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10 Signs You Are An ESTJ Personality Type

Signs You Are An ESTJ Personality Type

ESTJ is the four-letter code of the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator. The ESTJ (The Executive) personality type consists of the traits of Extraverted (E), Sensing (S), Thinking (T), and Judging (J).

People with the ESTJ personality type tend to be very methodical, traditional, and organized. Whatever they do, they prefer to do it in a planned and structured manner, and seldom do they just ‘wing it’. They prefer to follow rules and regulations and don’t like going against protocol.

They are extremely organized who look for structure wherever they go. Moreover, ESTJs want to know everything beforehand, and don’t really like it when surprises are sprung on them; predictability is what they crave. If by chance, they come across anything that is cluttered, they get to organizing it in a jiffy, by establishing guidelines, rules, and processes so that everyone knows exactly what to do.

What does ESTJ mean?

The ESTJ personality type likes to mingle with people (Extraverted), always goes for details, and facts rather than concepts and ideas (Sensing), emphasizes reason, rationality, and logic (Thinking), and likes to be structured and planned, rather than flexible and spontaneous (Judging).

ESTJs are known as The Executive sometimes because of their take-charge attitude, and the drive to make sure that everything is done perfectly and accurately.

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Here Are 10 Signs You Are An ESTJ Personality Type

10 Signs You Are An ESTJ Personality Type
10 Signs You Are An ESTJ Personality Type

1. Dependable and diligent.

One of the best things about the ESTJ personality type is that they are exceptionally reliable and dependable. They have very strong ethics and that is what helps them always do the right thing, and in the right way. ESTJs never leave anything halfway, nor do they abandon any task just because it’s boring and they don’t feel like doing it.

If they have given you their word, they will make sure that they follow through with it. For them, morals and integrity always come first.

2. Patient and faithful.

An ESTJ’s loyalty and patience are unparalleled, and that is why, wherever they go, they bring about a lot of stability, safety, and security. You can always rely on an ESTJ to be patient, no matter what challenges they might face. And more importantly, once they feel a sense of loyalty towards you, they will be loyal to you for life.

ESTJs are genuinely good people, who you can trust with your eyes closed.

3. Stubborn and rigid.

Many times, their rigid mindedness and stubborn nature threaten to cut back on the various, interesting possibilities that life has to offer. They are always so stuck up on what works, that they fail to acknowledge the fact that there might be something out there, that might give better results.

They hate experimenting, always focus on tried and tested formulas, and refuse to get out of their comfort zone, no matter how much you might push them to.

4. Insensitive and emotionally closed-off.

Another great weakness and drawback of the ESTJ personality type is that they can be very insensitive and emotionally stunted for the most part. They find it very hard to get in touch with their empathetic side, and this leads to them being very harsh to others, including their loved ones.

They get so caught up with facts and logic that they fail to acknowledge the emotional aspect of things. Maybe being spontaneous and open-minded might bring a bit of joy for others, but they never go for it.

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