8 Risk Factors for Suicide

And How You Can Help Someone With A Suicidal Tendencies

 August 27, 2017

Many might find it hard to come to terms with that.


8. Substance abuse:

Substance abuse and depression together lead to tragic outcomes. It must be remembered that depression and substance abuse both require treatment.

If you feel that someone around you is feeling suicidal then you should never hesitate to take the first initiative and try to talk it out with them.

You should say something like this to them and listen to their response:

“Hey! I have been noticing that you have been feeling a little down lately. You aren’t thinking of killing yourself, are you?”

It is one of those questions that really touches them as they might not even be aware that other people could know about it. This might induce them to rethink their condition and current emotional state.

And if they start to talk, help them in any way possible. Get them to help from an emergency. A suicidal person usually feels relief after talking their hearts out to anyone.

Always remember that it is a very valuable and noble thing you’re doing if you are helping someone to find a reason to live.

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8 Risk Factors for Suicide

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