Your Elevation May Require Your Isolation

Your Elevation May Require Your Isolation

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  1. I’m not against isolation, as I said once in your life it will pull you..and then soon will push you out there again, w a knowledge of who / what type of people to isolate yourself w and who to connect’s better that way that to create this shield and think / judge ” all ” people are the same, the more you isolate yourself the more vulnerable you are, easy target..yes isolation, taking time for yourself is essential and take as much time as you want, but for me don’t built a wall around yourself, speak up, connect, stand for what you think is right, create, connect, relate..
    And even if you isolate yourself, it’s never guarantee that you’re one is safe in this world, so just like every cells in our body we need to be expose to germs, to filth, to b.s, to see the illusions in this world, so that we are immuned, we are prepared, and when a bigger challenge comes, we know who to call, we know whos there for us, on our side..
    All the best to you Ohenemaa Ajoke Ekua..❤

  2. By the way that is my life style believe me it works one can never be bored by the time you notice the day have ended and has enjoyed and accomplished a lot believe me many things to do out there the world is big enough to just based it on ppl alone it can be crazy with ppl you never know what to expect but with nature you can always plan and expect

  3. Nullus Domina Yes all these are good and can be portrayed while staying away from the world’s troubles though none is easy but I would chose isolation because there are many things that can also replace hanging with humans you know taking a troll sight seeing nature travel cooking children partner books movies just meditation etc all these are positive stuffs to be in involve in rather to ppl out there..

  4. Not easy to elevate oneself even Jesus and Buddha tried and likes of them as long as we in this bubble together someone or something would try to reach your height… To be totally tolerant is not easy moreover it can lead to even death though it makes one becomes untouchable as in nothing bothers one which brings about peace within and views the world differently but it takes concentration and keeping at it all times. No human can do that one would break at a point. Well after all nothing was made to be constant the world revolves evolves.

    • Del Duffy Sorry to say it’s not significant to have ppl what I have come to realised was less ppl in one’s life less headache and better quality life style cus we humans are very contradictory I would not want to stress myself with that..Sometimes in life one has to live a quiet life to be able to figure things out. Ppl should come in when our lives depends on it.. Better that way..

    • Ohenemaa Ajoke Ekua I can tell you hand heart, isolation is loneliness and loneliness is a killer, if isolation has work for anybody else I’m so happy for you and your lucky circumstances, how ever, tried my best in Ireland and got no where, so moved away alone over to England, everyone was like fresh start an all that, isolation does not work I’ve been here 7 years, if it was somebody like Einstein I degree, but a lot of people out there who are forced into isolation and yet it doesn’t better than at all

    • Brian Burns
      Yes, like being taken in by con-artists who appeal to your ego by spouting vague, mystical notions that suggest they have an insight into the secrets of the universe but are basically telling everyone that they are special and deserve happiness and everything in life will work out for the best and p.s buy these crystals and skulls and salt lamps and books etc.
      Yes, I agree that starting from within is extremely important and psychology, neoro-science and philosophy cover these way more effectively than the pseudo-scientific, wishful thinking and basically dangerous clap-trap this page spreads daily.