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5 Reasons You Should Not Rush Into A Relationship During Valentine’s Season

Valentine's Season

The best things usually take time, which is why most people choose not to rush into a relationship, especially during Valentine’s season!

The social picture doesn’t get enough admiration on Valentine’s day when it’s just one person in it, regardless of what you’re wearing or where you’re posing from that day.

Thoughts like; “I spent the Christmas holiday all alone, do I have to go through the same suffering for valentine?” might force you to do what you know you’re not really ready for.

“The right man comes at the right time.”


So are you going to let social pressure make you do when you are clearly not ready for it?  Do you want to rush into a relationship because you desire to have a perfect 24 hours — sometimes just 12 hours? I mean you’ve got to sleep right? There are many reasons why you must not rush into a relationship during Valentine’s season, no matter how much you might want to.

5 reasons why should not rush into a relationship during Valentine’s season: 


1. You May Compromise Yourself

 The rush of getting a “bae” for Valentine’s Day may sometimes make you compromise and do things that you don’t really want to do.

The first thing you need to know is whenever we do things in a hurry, we usually don’t end up with the best results and we also end up stressing ourselves to burnout.

“There are people out there who are waiting to meet you. Waiting to love you. You have to stick around for them.” – Benedict Smith

You may end up hurting your existing relationships, push family and friends away UNCONSCIOUSLY because you’re focused on spending more time with your new bae0.

Your desperation could also make people who like you (that you’re bugging for dates) begin to avoid you or stay away from you.

Other than that, even when you finally secure your bae, you may end up saying things that you don’t mean – things that are against your values or make promises that you know you can’t keep, just so you don’t wrong them and get on their bad side. 


2. You Might Miss Reality

As you already know, love takes time, and it’s not something that happens overnight. If you rush into a relationship because of valentine’s day, it usually won’t be led by love, even if you say “it’s love at first sight”.

The truth is everything good takes time. You’re most likely not going to get the best if you don’t give it time to blossom.

Rushing into a relationship doesn’t give you room for understanding yourself properly. Your intuition might tell you that they might like something, but when you buy it and give it to them, they end up making faces and hating it. 

Another way you might miss reality is that you won’t get to see them for who they truly are. Then you’d start thinking “if only I gave it more time”, but by then it will be too late. 

Making the wrong decision during this season can make you go through a lot of pain in the future if you do not properly think everything through. 


3. You Might End Up Doing Too Much But Not Enough

In order to please them from every aspect, so that they don’t find reasons to say no, you’re going to do everything remotely possible to make them happy.

But what you might not realize is that most of the things you’re going to do are not what they really want. Because at that stage, you do things which you THINK IS RIGHT, not what they actually and really want. 

Sometimes, your friends might tell you, you’re not on the right path, but you’re going to ignore them because they seem like an obstacle to your goal.


4. You Won’t Be Able to Tell If It’s Real

It’s somewhat inevitable that at this stage when you want to get into a relationship, you will want to pamper them, buy buying them expensive gifts and whatnot. This is because your mind is telling you that the best way to make them stick around, is by satisfying them with material things. 

What if they agree to go into a relationship with you because the gifts are too good to ignore and not you being too good to ignore? DANG!

“Never rush into a relationship. True love is bound to reveal itself sooner or later.” – Jayden Hayes

There’s nothing as saddening as being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t “feel the same”. 

Unfortunately, you might also get into a relationship with someone who is just looking for a rebound, in which case it will be emotionally devastating for you.

What if they’re not ready to build a relationship because the last one they tried to build one with didn’t work out, and they’ve given up on relationships altogether? But, since you put a lot of pressure on them, they had no other option than to agree?


5. It Will Lead You to Self Doubt

In the end, if eventually, things don’t turn out the way you wanted it to, then it means you’ve found yourself in another “failed relationship”.

And then you’ll begin to feel like you’re hard to love, and you will never find that special someone.

This could lead you to not trust your self-image and then fall into the stereotype that love isn’t real.

We’re not encouraging you to be single during the couples season, all we’re saying is, don’t rush into something that will help you feel happy for one day and miserable for the rest of your life.

Not Rush Into A Relationship During Valentine's Season

Not Rush Into A Relationship During Valentine’s Season

Here are the key takeaways

  • You might lose yourself trying to please someone else and satisfy their needs.
  • The good things in life take time, so are you looking for a good thing or a quick fix?
  • There’s nothing as frustrating as doing things with a lot of effort for someone who doesn’t acknowledge or appreciate it. Sadly, that’s how it feels when you don’t take the time to know someone properly.
  • What if they’re not ready for a relationship or love you back?
  • If it fails you have another negative score in a relationship and might feel love isn’t for you.

Love is not temporary, nor should it be treated that way. If you want to experience a meaningful relationship, you will have to be patient and wait for the right person to come along. Being with someone who does not give you the love you deserve, will only give you pain and hurt. After all, you deserve only the best.

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Valentine's Season

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