How Each Zodiac Sign Prefers To Spend Their Valentines Day

How Each Sign Prefers To Spend Their Valentines Day

Wondering how would your partner want to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

The zodiacs have a lot to reveal:


1. Aries (March 21 – April 20):

Likes to go out for an energetic, adventurous date and receive something which will quench their thirst for thrills:

The fiery, passionate Aries would want their Valentine’s day to be an adventurous one, like exploring a new city, have campfires in a forest and similar things which will ignite their thirst for adventure. For gifts, tickets to any sporting event or any event which includes thrill like motor-cycle racing, rock climbing, etc are perfect for your least materialistic Aries. You can also give them something which will help them do their chores easily. The extremely passionate Aries would also appreciate something which will increase the intensity of their passion on the bed.

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Taurus ( April 21 – May 21):

Likes to go out on a slow, romantic date full of sensuousness and luxury and appreciates personalized gifts preferring quality over quantity:

What else do you expect from the bull who is ruled by Venus on Valentine’s Day? Of course, a sensuous romantic date which will include all the luxuries and comfort that one can afford! The romantic Taurus would want to take things slowly, preferring candlelight dinners with soft, romantic music. The homesick bull would also love to spend the night with their partner cherishing homemade food. When it comes to gifts, anything with a personal touch, like handmade photo frames or paper lamps or booking lessons of a class they have been willing to do for long, tickets to their favorite theatre will suffice. Just remember that they prefer quality over quantity.


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Gemini (May 22 – June 21):

Likes to enjoy a traditional date full of intellectual, fun-filled conversations and receive gadgets as gifts:

Gemini wants to communicate and if your Gemini is head over heels in love with you, they would want to spend their Valentine’s Day in a very traditional way, a wonderful dinner with champagne and filled with intellectual conversations. Make sure the conversations are fun-filled too because Gemini tends to get bored quite easily. Spending the night, teasing and seducing their partner and indulging in the exploration of bodies and physical conversations is something the flirtatious Gemini would love. For gifts, give them gadgets which will help them stay connected to people and they wouldn’t want anything else. E-book reader works well too to stimulate their intellect.


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Cancer (June 22 – July 22):

Likes to have a quality time and gets pleased by any small gesture of love, preferably something that induces nostalgia:

The sensitive, romantic Cancer gets overwhelmed by little gestures of love and enjoy spending quality time with their partner. Homemade food, cards, anything will make them happy. They love to indulge in nostalgia and something which will bring back the memory of their honeymoon days with you will be the perfect gift for them.


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Leo (July 23 – August 22):

Likes to get pampered and receive lavish gifts:

The lion is all about grandeur. The Leo enjoys getting pampered and spoiled and expects their partner to go through all odds to give them the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Spending time at the spa or a luxurious hotel is something the Leo would love to do. If it doesn’t happen, they would spend their time at home enjoying lavish meals cooked by their partner. When it comes to gifts, the Leo would love something which is majestic nature even if it’s a bouquet.

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