10 Things That Make Her Stronger After Divorce

things that make her stronger after divorce

Women have the courage to be alone for the right reasons than to be with anyone for the wrong ones. No wonder why divorced women are some of the strongest women out there, and sometimes even strongest of the pack.

Marriage is a beautiful relationship between two individuals and its dissolution leading to a divorce can be painful for anyone. However, it is all the harder on women because of the cultural conditioning we have been brought up with. It can invoke feelings of failure and loss, fear of the unknown and discomfort of dealing with collective societal judgments.

These are all the reasons that prove that divorced women who decide to exit a bad marriage in spite of all the fears are strong, capable and self respecting.

It also shows a very high level of self-dependence and personal power explained by Helen Fisher in her avant-garde book “Anatomy of Love: A Natural History of Mating, Marriage and Why We Stray”.

“This correlation between economic independence and divorce rate is seen in a host of cultures, where men and women are not dependent on each other to survive economically, bad marriages can end— and often do.”, states Fisher.

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Writer/director Mark Radcliffe also has stated several compelling reasons that display that divorced women are much stronger and attractive than their counterparts in his articles. For reasons ranging from having the balls to walk away from something that isn’t fulfilling to having a deep knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work for them individually.

No matter what society says, women who took the bold step of exiting a marriage that hasn’t been fulfilling for them should know that they are courageous more than they know.

Here, we have compiled a list of 10 awesome reasons that prove that women become stronger after divorce and they deserve all the happiness in the world.

Here Is Why Divorced Women Are The Strongest Of The Pack

things that make her stronger after divorce info
10 Things That Make Her Stronger After Divorce

1. Having Experienced Loss And Rebounding From It Makes Them A Badass.

It’s tough for women to move out of a marriage even if it was loveless and not right for them. The experience can still be extremely painful and disheartening.

It can sometimes happen that women think that it’s better to stay in a loveless marriage due to fear of society or other conditions but they are strong enough to move past that fear. They just need to access their freedom and right to be happy over what other people would think.

This displays their resilience, courage and self-sufficiency. All these traits make them extremely badass.

2. They Had The Guts Take A Swing At Love.

A lot of people shrink away from the idea of marriage due to the fear of getting hurt. But they at least had the courage to give their love a shot by taking a plunge into marriage.

It’s okay if it didn’t work out for them, at least they had the guts to go for something their heart wanted in the first place. That’s a very brave and courageous move.

3. They Have The Courage To Be Alone For The Right Reasons Than Be With Anyone For The Wrong Reasons.

They know that it’s better to be on them, doing their own thing than being in a lifeless and loveless relationship. They have the strength to be happy on their own and do not stay in a relationship just to have anybody stand next to them.

They would rather choose to work on their own self and live life to the fullest till the time they find a partner who is compatible and can offer a fulfilling and rewarding partnership.

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4. They Know That A Fulfilling Relationship Takes Work.

They also know that love takes teamwork and requires both partners to invest in making the relationship work instead of believing in some fairytale idea that everything takes care of itself in a relationship.

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