Develop Empath Intuition: Transform Your Empath Life With This One Thing

Develop Empath Intuition: Transform Your Empath Life With This One Thing

Develop Empath Intuition

Practicing meditation is essential for developing Empath intuition!

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools an Empath can use for their personal growth. A committed daily practice will serve in many ways. It will help strengthen the mind, body, and spirit. It will build a powerful shield around the Empath and open up their intuition like nothing else. Strong intuition requires a clean and clear mind. A cluttered, thought-filled mind will do nothing to help us grow or develop our abilities. When we have clarity of thought and a lucid mind, magical things can happen. Thoughts are addictive and difficult to break free from. However, once we reset the mind through meditation we can switch them off far easier.

Develop Empath Intuition: Transform Your Empath Life With This One Thing

Not only does meditation build our intuition it also reprogrammes the brain into being able to better deal with negativity and enables us to deal with the onslaught of thoughts, energy, and emotions we pick up from others.

Most Empaths find meditation incredibly difficult to get into because of their creative and over-active mind. Perseverance is all that is needed. Starting with a five-minute practice and building up into twenty to thirty minutes will reap incredible benefits.

Thoughts can be destructive to our health and well being, especially when they are negative and repetitive. Empaths tend to spend a lot of time in their heads, which is great when thoughts are creative, happy or enlightening. However, spend too much time around certain people or in certain places and the happy thoughts can quickly turn into painful memories, anger or thoughts of being wronged. Being with certain other people can contribute to having repetitive dark thoughts. However, we don’t always make the connection because the over-whelming thoughts don’t always kick in till a day or two after being around those who triggered them. We can get so caught up and lost in these thoughts and the emotions they create that we do not question their origin. By stilling the mind in meditation it will help put a stop to any thought induced emotions.

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I believe the best way to meditate is with an erect spine, either sitting in a straight-backed chair or in a comfy cross-legged or kneeling position on the floor. Keeping the spine straight and upright allows the energy to flow up and down and the breath to be calm. There are some who will say lying down is a perfectly acceptable way to meditate, but it is too easy to fall asleep when lying down and the opportunity to consciously quieten the mind is lost. Just make sure you feel comfortable before you start.

4 thoughts on “Develop Empath Intuition: Transform Your Empath Life With This One Thing”

  1. I have my own style and method of meditation, which not only develops empathy, but develops intuition and insight.
    I do believe without insight and intuition, it is not possible to be an empath.

    Empathy is easier to develop for those who have endured much suffering in their lives…just in my humble opinion.

  2. I don’t agree empathy is a “gift” only for some people. Or may be you give a little different shade of the “empathy”. It is not feeling like sponge when we deal with others’ emotions. For me it is the ability to put yourself in other ones place. It is a supreme form of emotional understanding. Those who have problem and suffer from that energy talk with others, should learn how to balance their own enrgy, as they probably are hyper emotional – this is the path where their energy flows away from. It is a voluntary act, from their side. No one steals their energy. They simly give it, as we give money to a begger. But it is an unconscious act. And they exchange energy unconsciously. That’s it. We decide where our energy to flow. And to make that decision clear we need to calm down our emotions. You don’t need a shield, as we are meant to exchange energy – this is a highter form of communication. But we should learns how to do it healthy for us first. The understanding that everyone must find his inner sоurce and begging is not going to be of a real help for him, will be your best tool. Once you find yr source, help, show others how to do the same. This is the path working. There are people they can bear this giving as they have reached the “Source”. Meditation is a wonderful way to do so.

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