The Double Life Of An Empath

double life of an empath

If you are an Empath, there is a good chance you go through life feeling like you lead a double life. Why? because too often, you end up wearing a ‘mask’ when spending time with certain others.

When I say mask, I’m not talking literally. I simply mean not being one’s true self.

Wearing a mask is a common theme for all humans, but as most Empaths tend to detest inauthenticity, it may seem a little weird.

I recently read that the Japanese believe that everyone has three faces: The face we show the world, the face we show our family and close friends, and the face we show no one.

It Is Our Hidden Face That Is Apparently Our Truest Reflection.

Many Empaths will probably admit that the only time they are their truest self is when at home or when alone.

But there is a good reason an Empath may hide the truth of themselves behind a mask when with certain people… and it’s not to get them to like us.

empaths love alone time
The Double Life Of An Empath

When we awaken as an Empath, a new way of life is gradually revealed. Not only do we come to embrace and appreciate our unusual traits – traits that set us apart from others – but we start experiencing more synchronicities, develop greater intuition, and discover a new outlook. Everything we have experienced when around people, emotionally and physically, finally makes sense. We understand our need for time alone, why we feel crazy energy when in busy places, and why we experience overpowering emotions when with certain people.

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‘Yes’, we holler, ‘Empath life is a very real phenomenon. We are not the only ones!’

We may become so excited by our newfound knowledge that we want to shout it from the rooftops! Tell the world who we are, what we know, feel, see and intuit. We have an explanation for all the inexplicable things we’ve experienced, throughout life, and we want to share it with anyone who will listen…

Sadly, this enthusiasm, to share our new discovery, is short-lived. We quickly come to understand it is no easy feat to discuss the ways of an Empath. Discovering who we are, it would seem, was the easy part!

When An Empath Comes Across Fake People
The Double Life Of An Empath

Oh, we may try to explain our traits. The reasoning behind our Empath ways seem so simple, why wouldn’t anyone else understand? But when we try, we are greeted with drooping jaws, wide eyes, and blank expressions.

How is it that something we were so excited to discover holds no interest or is unbelievable to others?

We soon learn that people find it difficult to believe what they don’t experience themselves. It’s as though if it’s not being openly discussed or acknowledged in the media it can’t be real. It’s just too weird or ‘woo-woo!’

That is not to say no one accepts Empath traits. There are some who are very open to learn about the ways of an Empath, but it is not the majority. As we go along, we come to recognize to whom we can discuss our ways and those with whom we should stay quiet, by the energy they emit.

Empaths like to live authentically and liberated. It feels uncomfortable to keep our traits to ourselves. But it is also uncomfortable to open up to another, who either doesn’t want to know or doesn’t believe.

But there is also another reason many Empaths don’t open up, and it’s to make the lives of others more comfortable.

What do I mean?

It Is Part Of An Empath’s Nature To Be Protective Of Others.

The last thing we want to do is cause discomfort or ‘freak anyone out’ by revealing that we can feel their emotions or know things about them that they are trying to hide.

Empaths can feel your emotions
The Double Life Of An Empath

People don’t like it if they know another can ‘see through them’.

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