Decoding Men: What He Really Means When He Says This

 September 06, 2018

Decoding Men What He Really Means When He Says This


“I like your hair/ dress/ shoes”

What he means: He is noticing the details…


“You have beautiful eyes”

What he means: He is attracted to you and probably wants to kiss you.


“Do you want to go somewhere casual?”

What he means: He doesn’t want to get too serious yet until he gets to know you.


“Sorry, have to raincheck. Super busy. Will try to catch you another time”

What he means: If he hasn’t bothered to call you to cancel plans or locked in another time then this guy isn’t prioritising you, probably because he doesn’t want anything serious.


“What ya doing now? Wanna come over?”( text sent at 10pm)

What he means:  BOOTY CALL!


So what’s the outtake?

In general, ladies, the best way to know if he is into you or not is this: if he is you won’t have to ask yourself the question, you will just know. Men aren’t as complicated as we think. Most of the time their actions will reveal their true intentions and what they say they really mean. And if you’re ever in doubt just ask them! Great communication works both ways so don’t be afraid to ask a few questions and get some clear answers.

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Written by Renee Slansky

Source TheDatingDirectory.Co

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Decoding Men What He Really Means When He Says This

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