Confessions Of A Control Freak And Why We Should Let Go

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So What Happens After You Let Go The Control?

Do you just go with the flow and allow life to unfold around you? Well, this is certainly one option and many awakened beings have chosen this path, but there is another option. Take it from the confessions of the control freak.

It is my opinion that we are here to co-create. I am not just here to be a witness. I am here to dance with life and to create my own music for life to dance with me. Life invites your creativity so that your unique dance through the Universe is like no other.

Your Ability To Co-Create Lies In The Power Of Your Mind.

Life originates and unfolds in a Mental Universe which we call reality, therefore the only thing that can be influenced is the mental aspects of the Universe, and when this is mastered, the Universe unconditionally conforms.

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Because the mental universe is a universe of mind, the way to influence anything in the Universe is through thought; not by controlling circumstance but by controlling thought. This includes our powers of visualization and imagination. Your innate ability to co-create and influence the flow of life lies in the power of your mind.

In our attempts to control life, we have disconnected from the source of our power to create.

It is interesting that these powers of the mind are discouraged from the time we are young children, and we are trained to use limited left-brained thinking to get through life, but let’s not focus on the problems – let’s expand the solutions.

If you want to claim your power, external protests will do nothing without reclaiming your power to think for yourself, image what you desire, and put vision to your heart’s greatest desires. Action is always the effect.

The Real Power Comes From Becoming The Master Of Your Own Mind.

letting go - confessions of control freak
Confessions Of A Control Freak And Why We Should Let Go

Because most of us have been programmed with all sorts of disempowering thoughts and beliefs, it can be very challenging to think for ourselves. At first, it may be nearly impossible to stop or control your thoughts, but you do have the power to let go of thoughts that do not support you simply by turning your attention away from them time after time, for as many times as it takes, until those thoughts stop appearing.

You might have to turn your attention away from a single negative thought a thousand times before it loses power and disappears, but it is worth it. How long would you cut through chains in order to free yourself? As long as it takes because the alternative is staying imprisoned.

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We are speaking about taking your energy back from ineffective attempts at controlling life and giving your full attention to the one thing that has any power to influence anything.

Instead of trying to control the world, become the Master of Your Mind and allow the world to flow through you!

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