Which of Your Chakra Is Out Of Balance? – Psychology Test

Is Your Chakra Out Of Balance?

Are you feeling a bit off lately? Finding it hard to concentrate on work? Although several things can lead to such feelings, but this could also mean there’s an imbalance in your chakra.


What are Chakras? 

Chakras are energy centers in our body. Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit. And these wheels of energy are perfectly aligned in the central channel of our body. When these wheels are open and in motion, they allow the proper flow of energy through the chakras and enable us to operate optimally.

Although we have hundreds of chakras, there are seven main energy centers that can help us heal, improve, grow and live a healthy, happy life. When we have the knowledge to use these chakras for our growth, we can easily harmonize our mind, body, and spirit to achieve anything we want. However, if any of our chakras are out of balance, then it can significantly affect the way we operate and feel about ourselves.


Which of your chakras are out of balance?

By focusing on experiences that are persistent or stagnant, you can determine which chakra is likely out of balance. Once you know there is an imbalance in your chakra, you can begin the healing process.

Take this quiz to find out which chakra is out of balance and start realigning your body for overall well being.

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Which of Your Chakra Is Out Of Balance?

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