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Chakra Quiz: Find Out What Is Your Strongest Chakra

What Strongest Chakra

The strongest chakra is one that gives you the most direct connection to universal life force energy. Do you want to know what is your strongest chakra? Take this chakra quiz to know.

When you are asleep at night it is this chakra that plugs you into the cosmos, helping you to renew and recharge for your next day. When you’re awake your alpha chakra gives you power, guiding you along the way.

Chakra, the root word wheel, is understood as a spinning conical energy center in the body. Traditionally, there are innumerable chakras but the modernization of the term typically refers to the seven largest chakras along the spine. Each chakra has corresponding traits like colors, odors, crystals, sounds, behaviors, and more.

The correlation between the chakras and these parts of sensation is that they are said to vibrate at the same frequencies, thus allowing for the alignment of rogue energies.

You can continue this test by moving up your spine and successively visualizing the colors of the rainbow. At the pelvic region identify orange. Above the navel observe yellow. In the center of the chest bone, you should easily recall green.

At your throat, a brilliant blue. Between your eyes observe the color purple. And at the very top of your head, behold the color of all colors, white. Notice how easily each color comes to you and if there is enough of it to fill your torso, limbs, and head.

Any of the chakras that are blocked can be cleared by either spending more time visualizing it, or using an external object, such as an instrument, a scented oil, or a corresponding gemstone.

A quick chakra quiz to test your personality, and determine what is your Strongest Chakra:

Let us know your answer in the comments below.

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