Your Most Powerful Chakra according to Your Zodiac Sign

Your Most Powerful Chakra according to Your Zodiac Sign

Find out your most powerful chakra.

The medieval art that helps one to align one’s body with the energy centers present within is called a chakra.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word which, when translated, means “wheel of energy.” It is believed that the better one’s chakra is aligned with the aura of the body, the better health, strength, and vitality it possesses.

There are primary seven chakras that not only rule but also reflect the dynamics of your emotional and physical self. These chakras constitute their beginning at the base step and advance eventually towards the space above one’s head, which is considered to be the dwelling space of the spirit.

A study of your zodiac sign helps you find out which of the seven chakras is your main source of power and how you can focus on empowering your psyche, mind, and soul through these physical entry points.

Most powerful chakra based on your zodiac sign:


The third chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra is the prime power center of the Aries born, as both are under the rule of planet Mars. It is located above one’s navel and is linked closely to intuition and gut feelings. So if you feel it in your gut, know that’s hinting at your pursuit of power.


Fourth Chakra:

For a Taurus, the fourth chakra heart chakra is the most effective, as the bull and heart are both at the mercy of Venus. Your ability to sympathize with fellow beings can not only help you build strong bonds of love and compassion but also lead to various financial gains. The love for luxury shared by a Taurus born is often centered on the heart chakra.


Fifth Chakra: 

A Gemini born is under the rule of Mercury and thus its throat stands out as its primary source of energy. You can gain the confidence of the majority and influence a large number of people through the ideas and opinions you voice.


Sixth Chakra:

A cancer is affected by the sixth chakra, the third eye chakra, which forms the psychic center of his/her soul. Being under the influence of the moon, cancer born is disposed to visions and can comprehend what lies ahead without much difficulty. It is advised to keep your eyebrows clean and not covered.


Seventh Chakra:

The royal Leo born is associated with the seventh chakra known as the Crown Chakra. Ruled by the invincible power of the sun, the space above your head is the most powerful chakra of your body that helps you understand, ideate and implement solutions efficiently and easily.


Fifth Chakra:

The Virgo born is ruled by the fifth chakra called the throat chakra. A Virgo born naturally feels better when his throat is in a first-rate condition. Be ready to deliver facts precisely or engage in public speaking, because that’s where your power lies.


Fourth Chakra: 

Libra is at the mercy of the planet Venus and the fourth chakra of heart which enables him/her to build strong relationships and bonds or love one’s partner with immense unconditional affection. This helps you to be engaged in creative projects.


Third Chakra: 

A Scorpio is ruled by the third chakra solar plexus chakra which is situated right above the navel and this is where you derive your lust for power and ability from. Ruled by Mars, the extent of the sexual impulse is naturally high.


Second Chakra:

A Sagittarius born is ruled by the second chakra, your sacral chakra which is right at the naval and under the mercy of Jupiter. The unbound optimism that fills your life and the expanse you can cover to fulfill your projects is dominated by this chakra. Sexual arousal and pregnancy outline this chakra.


First Chakra: 

A Capricorn born is under the rule of Saturn, the farthest visible planet from the eye. The first chakra named as the root chakra is the most effective power center that helps you remain stable in hierarchies and achieve a steady course of movement.


First Chakra: 

For an Aquarius born, the most effective chakra is the first chakra of the root. Your power lies in understanding the expanses of a situation and it results in enormous personal gains. When the audience feels you’re grounded in the expanse of your society, you’re at your most powerful.


Second Chakra:

The second chakra or sacral chakra, which is situated at the navel, affects a Piscean the most. The ability to interact and accomplish in the nonverbal sphere is derived from here. It also imparts in you limitless optimism. Jupiter shall always assist you in jumping to big projects with a thud.

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