Power-Packed Body Language Tips For Making A Killer First Impression

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Want to leave a great first impression when you meet someone new? Here are a few body language tips to help you create a lasting first impression, whether at an interview, business meeting, or a date.

The Importance Of Body Language

All of us wish to make a good first impression. By leaving a strong first impression on someone we meet for the first time, we can increase our chances of being liked and favored. Workforce and talent management expert Ashira Prossack explains “First impressions matter – a lot! You only get one shot to make a first impression.” 

In fact, it is easier to leave a great first impression than to fix a bad impression. And the key to doing that is focusing on your nonverbal communication and body language. When you know certain body language tips, you can use them to your advantage to accomplish your goal of impressing someone. Studies have found that 93% of our communication with other people is nonverbal. This is why, how we use our body language is very important.

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The Need To Make A Good First Impression

Bestselling author Peter Economy explains “It’s especially important to make a good first impression. Why? Because within the first few minutes of meeting someone, we are already making decisions about what the other person’s intentions are, and whether or not the person is credible.

According to Dr. Lillian Glass, a body language expert, the way we carry ourselves in public can significantly influence the first impression we leave on others. She says “Introverts and extroverts need to be mindful of their body language to make a good impression. You have to convey that you’re confident, that you’re an open person, and that you’re the type of person that someone wants to work with or do business with.”

Body language and posture are the basis for building a powerful image. It makes us appear graceful and confident instantly. Posture is the reason why celebrities and business leaders captivate and allure us. Body language expert India Ford explains “Our body language has the power to amplify our presence in any situation. The way you walk, stand, sit and make eye contact can super-boost your image when walking into a room full of people.” 

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Body Language For Best First Impressions

According to author and founder of The Art of Manliness Brett McKay and his wife author and editor Kate McKay, we need to need to focus on 3 distinct aspects of nonverbal communication:

  • Openness
  • Confidence
  • Interest
body language
Power-Packed Body Language Tips For Making A Killer First Impression

A. Body Language Tips For Showing Openness

When we appear “open” to others, instead of looking “closed”, we seem more welcoming, approachable, warm, and safe. Openness enables us to build a stronger connection with someone. By wisely using our body parts, we can communicate openness in a nonverbal manner to people we meet for the first time.

Here are a few body language tips for appearing “open” while communicating with others:

1. Eyes

body language eye
Power-Packed Body Language Tips For Making A Killer First Impression

Confidently make friendly and warm eye contact with the people you meet and interact with. By having an open gaze and looking around you will communicate that you are approachable and invite others to initiate contact. Brett and Kate suggest “Don’t wear sunglasses unless you really need them. And try not to blink excessively.”

2. Throat

body language throat
Power-Packed Body Language Tips For Making A Killer First Impression

When you have an open neck, you show that you are welcoming and warm in a social setting. On the other hand, covering your neck with a shirt and tie shows that you have a protected authority.

“So in your off-hours, remove your tie, and unbutton your shirt a little. Or wear a v-neck tee, which not only reveals your neck but offers a little more access to your heart as well,” added Brett and Kate.

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