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Zodiac Personality Flaws: Your Biggest Personality Flaw Based On Astrology

Your Biggest Personality Flaw Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Do you proudly own your weaknesses and vulnerabilities? The given article talks about our zodiac personality flaws and why we should be aware of them.

Have you ever met someone who was so perfect that you wondered how this wonderful human being entered your life?

Yeah, they were faking their perfection. And you probably fake your perfection too. Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure you’re wonderful and the fake perfect person you met is also wonderful. However, no one’s perfect. Everyone’s flawed. Some people severely than others. You will hurt people and people will hurt you.

As long as it’s not horrible and you seek to repair what you’ve damaged, you should be fine in life. I once had someone tell me that as long as you don’t intentionally hurt yourself or anyone else that it’s okay to be flawed. Being imperfect teaches us things.

Now, from person to person, everyone will be flawed differently. Some people’s flaws make them not get along with other people. Others have flaws that are compatible.

If I talk too much, I do better with others who are more patient and don’t talk enough. If two people don’t talk enough, they’ll have trouble opening up to each other.

If two people talk too much about themselves, both will end up feeling like they don’t have enough airtime to reveal themselves. Those are just some easy examples. It really all depends on who you are, who you know, and how you grow up.

However, some of our traits are innate. Naturally, our zodiac signs have a lot to do with our flaws because they also influence our positive traits, speaking from a horoscope in astrology perspective.

Scroll down to read your zodiac sign if you want to know more about your biggest flaws, according to astrology!

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Zodiac Personality Flaws: Your Biggest Personality Flaw Based On Astrology

Here’re the biggest personality flaws of zodiac signs:

1. Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Zodiac Personality Flaws
Zodiac Personality Flaws

You’re highly impatient and can’t deal with any delay. You’re impulsive and aggressive so you can’t stand inactivity either. You definitely love being number one and therefore need to use your talents in your work.

You need a healthy amount of activity or competition to stay sane. However, you also need to keep yourself in check even when competing because your ugly side can come out even in the middle of a competition.

2. Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Zodiac Personality Flaws
Zodiac Personality Flaws

You’re stubborn and uncompromising which means you won’t always let others have their way. You’re possessive with the people in your circle. So, you need to have a set routine with loyal people you trust.

This is to avoid unexpected or unpleasant changes in your lifestyle that might set you off. Everyone has insecurities but you don’t deal with people teasing you with them as if they were red flags.

3. Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Zodiac Personality Flaws
Zodiac Personality Flaws

You are one of the most wishy-washy people of the zodiac. You’re highly energetic and excited about life but that can sometimes translate into nervousness about your life too. This leads to inconsistency in yourself and your actions.

You also cling on to people. A little more confidence in your convictions and you could learn to stand alone as well as stand by your decisions.

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4. Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Zodiac Personality Flaws
Zodiac Personality Flaws

You have a sense of insecurity which leads to all kinds of problems for your sensitive self. This also means you can’t deal with criticism. Your thinking can get pessimistic which can lead to suspicious behavior because you don’t trust easily.

Your moodiness increases and you slowly become manipulative of others because you need to feel more secure. One of your tactics is not revealing your personal life easily but you need to learn to get out of that hard shell of yours.

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5. Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Zodiac Personality Flaws
Zodiac Personality Flaws

You’ve got an ego that burns brighter than the sun. You’re arrogant at times and that can lead to inflexibility. You’re known for your stubborn side which also means you have difficulty in facing reality.

Another problem stemming from your ego is your need for validation through others’ approval. Remember that not all attention is good or is even needed.

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6. Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Zodiac Personality Flaws
Zodiac Personality Flaws

You’re probably over-analyzing and carefully criticizing all the flaws in my article on flaws. Chill a little and learn to feel as opposed to observing every once in a while. Your people, self-esteem, and accomplishments would thank you for it.

There’s no such thing as perfect and your worried mind would benefit from accepting the truth. Not everything can meet your incredibly high standards but you know that because you don’t even meet your own standards, at times.

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7. Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Zodiac Personality Flaws
Zodiac Personality Flaws

Sometimes, you just need to accept the fact you’re flawed and learn to live with yourself. Be unafraid to live as yourself and stand up for what you think or feel.

You can’t always please everybody and sometimes you’ll hurt people too. It’ll be unintentional. So, forgive yourself as easily as you’d forgive others.

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8. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Zodiac Personality Flaws
Zodiac Personality Flaws

We’re hard but we need to stop pinching people and learn to trust them. We need to open up and reveal our depth without being afraid that we or someone else will drown in them.

We need to be centered which means being more careful about what we choose to obsess over. Not everything deserves our attention and not everything/everyone needs to be controlled.

Go with the flow and know you’ll be okay.

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9. Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Zodiac Personality Flaws
Zodiac Personality Flaws

Sagittarius, learn to open up too. And stick around. There’s no such thing as clinginess. You need to focus on finding people who are in tune with how much attention you’re willing to give them.

Then, you need to be fair and learn to give that attention freely because it’s not all about your impatient, loner self all the time.

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10. Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Zodiac Personality Flaws
Zodiac Personality Flaws

You need to start looking at the bright side of things. You know a lot but you should focus more on understanding because understanding and knowledge are two separate things.

It’ll help you be less condescending and more forgiving. You might actually learn to like something or someone. Who knows?

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11. Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Zodiac Personality Flaws
Zodiac Personality Flaws

Could you learn to feel as much as you think? Yeah, you’re cerebral but emotions are produced by the brain too. So, you just need to want to feel. It’ll help with your loneliness if you learn to connect with others properly.

You spend so much time with other people but never take the time to get to know them on a deep level and this is what causes your loneliness.

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12. Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Zodiac Personality Flaws
Zodiac Personality Flaws

Learn to trust and not judge things outside of you or inside of you by your emotions. Emotions are not forever and they’re not always accurate. Learn to forgive so you won’t be a martyr all the time.

You’ll stop being scared of the past and you’ll learn to accept criticism if you understand it’s okay to be just as flawed as the next person.

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Written by Camila Isopo Novi
Originally appeared on

Those were the personality flaws of zodiacs. We hope our article on personality flaws of star signs helped you to know and accept yourself. Each zodiac sign’s flaws must make them more gentle toward themselves and love themselves a little more harder.

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If you want to know more about your zodiac personality flaws, then you might like this video:

Zodiac Personality Flaws

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Zodiac Personality Flaws
Zodiac Personality Flaws: Each Zodiac Signs Flaws
Zodiac Personality Flaws
Zodiac Personality Flaws: Zodiac Signs And Personality Flaws
Zodiac Personality Flaws
Zodiac Personality Flaws: Zodiac Sign’s Biggest Problem


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