10 Uncomfortable Signs You’re Becoming The Person You’re Meant To Be

Signs Becoming Person Youre Meant To Be

Are you in the quest to become the person you’re meant to be? Then how to ensure you become that person?

Here’re are some uncomfortable signs to watch out:

1. You do everything by yourself and feel isolated from others.

The more mature you are, the more you can handle everything by yourself and it feels like you don’t want to be anyone’s burden. You’ve even always said, “I’ve got this,” to those who are sincerely willing to help you. More often than not, you feel lonely and isolated, but you feel proud of yourself on being strong and independent at the same time.

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2. You realize that you have some issues with yourself.

You know exactly that you have issues to overcome; whether it’s about your anxiety, mood swings, trust issues, or her issues that disturb your well-being. You will acknowledge when, how, and in what condition those issues will appear and you’ll give your best efforts to overcome them.

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3. You have a strong desire to cut off some unnecessary relationships.

As time goes by, you will feel that you have a lot of acquaintances, but few friends. You begin to question your relationships with other people; you start to realize who’s real and who’s not, who wants to stay or vice versa. You’ll feel disappointed, guilty, and sad towards losing some friends that you loved, but you’re brave enough to leave the relationships which were toxic and emotionally abused your inner self.

4. It’s hard for you to trust people.

Not only because you’re being selective about your friends, but also because you won’t easily buy people’s bullshit. You’ve been disappointed a lot of times by betrayals and broken promises; you know exactly how the real world works. But, once you believe in some people, you will be loyal to them and you will do anything to maintain that relationship.

5. You always feel that your life is boring.

It’s hard for you to feel satisfied with your life; there’s always something more you would like to achieve. The same routines and work will bore you to death and you’ll always be thinking, “What’s next?” which makes you always want to strive more. Moreover, your life is “boring” because you have less unnecessary drama in your life- which is something to be proud of.

6. You are too familiar with the feeling of sadness.


For you, life has no sugar coats; there are days when you feel hopeful, but there are also times when you feel like you’re at the lowest point of your life. You are able to accept the broken hearts, failures, disappointment, and the feeling of sadness. You acknowledge that life is not always about being happy. But even though you feel the pain, you are able to bounce back again and realize that there were lessons from everything that happened.

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    This is an awful article. Almost signs in that is nearly depression and anxiety symptoms.

    Being adult doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable with yourself.

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