6 Ways To Avoid The Temptation To Cheat

ways to avoid the temptation to cheat

4. Talk To Someone You Trust About It. 

Just the act of hearing yourself speak can help you find strength and clarity. A trusted, wise other can shock you into reality and tell you what you need to hear. An honest conversation will help break your denial and hopefully offer you support in this painful time.

5. Force Yourself To Refocus On Your Current Relationship. 

Fantasies about another prevent you from channeling energy and effort into the emotional and sexual state of your current romance. Take an honest look at what you need in your relationship that you aren’t getting, as well as what you aren’t giving your partner.

We can all cultivate our skills in giving and receiving love better. Use this experience as a wake-up call so that you can reset your romance on a better path. All long-term relationships can benefit from a re-focus and re-set every once in a while.

6. Reschedule Your Life So You Aren’t Interacting With The Person You Fantasize About. 

There’s no surer way to avoid temptation than to not be in the presence of it.

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Being human isn’t easy, and temptation is a part of life. Developing your skills at managing temptation is empowering—it feels good to be able to trust yourself and feel in control of your behavior. Long-term relationships offer us some of our most profound experiences of love as well as some of our most profound life challenges. Garner your strength today so you can look back on this moment with pride.

Written By Marianne Brandon
Originally Appeared On Psychology Today
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6 Ways To Avoid The Temptation To Cheat
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Marianne Brandon Ph.D.

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