The Alpha, Beta, Omega and other Personality Types – Which one are you ?

Omega Female

The lead characters from the movies Bridemaids, Welcome to the Dollhouse and She’s All That (before the makeover) are all Omegas. They tend to be lazy, untidy, unattractive, have low self esteem, have dismal personal lives and are unambitious and unsuccessful in their careers. They could really benefit from a makeover in terms of style as well as life coaching skills and deserve sympathy.

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Type Gamma: Restless, adventurous, fun

Gamma Male and Female

Adventurous, restless, fun-loving Gammas like to do their own thing and create their own rules without giving in to peer pressure. Alphas may mature into Gammas and become more considerate, socially conscious and relatively diplomatic than before. Gammas are aware of their needs and natures as well as those of the opposite sex. They demonstrate quintessentially feminine behaviors, values and expectations to win their partners’ trust and love. Gammas generally appear to lack assertiveness, freely demonstrate their emotions and aren’t very interested in status symbols and attaining popularity. They tend to put their family and community before their own ambitions. On TV, many characters from comedies like the Office, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation and Glee are obvious Gamma types.


Type Delta: Aloof, marginalized, resentful

Delta Male & Female

Deltas are withdrawn, private, and to some extent, disaffected. Deltas are often ‘has beens’ who were confident, successful, popular Alphas in their youth. The lowest rung in the hierarchy of personalities, Deltas tend to be subordinates who are ostracized by society.


Type Sigma: Sardonic, outsiders, baffling

Sigma Male & Female

Sigmas are outsiders to the social game, yet manage to win at it anyhow, confusing everyone else in the process. They are also adept at socially challenging and ridiculing Alphas, to their infuriation. Sigmas tend to be contemptuous towards the opposite sex, even if they desire them.

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The Alpha, Beta, Omega and other Personality Types - Which one are you ?

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