13 Traits of An Omega Male: What Makes Him A Hero In The Shadows


Traits Omega Male

Are you an omega male?

Omega- the final and 24th letter of Greek alphabets, being the last letter is it less important than the rest of the letters?

There you have the answer. When we talk about a man we mostly picture strength, dominance, leadership and similar traits which mostly speak of an Alpha Personality. But there are guys who don’t fit in this stereotype, they are the omega males and they are awesome the way they are.

Types of male

Our society is like a confused kid whose two statements contradict each other. Once it wants us to believe that everyone is same and equal and the next moments it says everyone is different, well that’s all about how one perceives, indeed everyone is different with unique abilities. As per the society, there are two basics of types of male.

1. Alpha male

This is the type of male that society wants you to believe as the ‘real men’. The strong and smart guy, who wants to stand out in the crowd and grab everyone’s attention, like the leader of the pack in a pack of wolves he needs to be the smartest, fastest, strongest, overall the best of all.

2. Omega male

Omega males are the ones who avoid the limelight, while they have the skills and confidence similar to the alpha male, they just avoid being the centre of attention. They don’t feel like competing, they just want everyone to make it through. They are content in being the heroes in the shadows.

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Traits of an Omega male

traits of an omega male

Alpha males are always under the spotlight, for example, everyone knows who Neil Arm Strong is, the first man to set foot on the moon but how many of you know the about the people who made it possible? The ones who designed the rocket, the ones who spent sleepless nights on programming the machines to safely take those men to the moon? Now because the alpha males are the center of the attention, that’s what most people pay attention to. But our heroes in the shadows have some awesome qualities as well that set them apart from the alpha male which makes them interesting.

1. Gentle

Unlike the Alpha male, they are not testosterone pumped up dominant male. They have a soft side and are gentler in the day to day life and relationship as well. They will treat you like a doll, the will cuddle with you after a hard day and they don’t need to win an argument with you but rather settle for your smile.

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2. Friendly and Kind

The omega male doesn’t seek the limelight thus they are more kind than self-centred. They focus on people are more and while an Alpha male may not cross a puddle to help you, the omega male will walk an extra mile to help you.

An Omega will help you and not because he wants the attention or to be a hero but he helps because he is kind and he wants to. They are friendly and sweet guys to have around, so women find them amusing and charming but not attractive. People reach to these guys at the times of troubles because they are helpful, supportive and cheerful.

3. Introverted

life as an introvert

The omega male is more of an introvert. They try to avoid attention. Being in a crowd or having all eyes on them drains their energy. They find solace in solitude. He is not interested in being the life of the party or the subject which everyone talks about, he has no desire to be the top dog. He will be there whenever you need him but for the rest of the time please let him have fun with himself.

4. Empathetic

Empathy is what the world needs more and empathy is what the world lacks. Most Alpha males are not even introduced to this trait. Empathy is the ability to feel what others feel, the ability to see the world through their eyes. When an Omega male says ‘he feels you’ he really means it.

5. Likes to work solo

Omega males are not a leader but they don’t want to follow either. They don’t want to belong to a group, whether it is professional or more personal level they like doing things on their own. They do have friends and family and they don’t mean to cut them off but when it comes to doing something they prefer doing it alone with the full effort and concentration.

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6. No sign of ego

While an Alpha male is more concerned about how people perceive them and always keep their egos pumped up our Hero in the shadow likes to keep ego at bay. Omega male doesn’t care what people think or talk about them while an Alpha male can be found boasting his skills and accomplishments.

The achievements of an Omega male can be equal or more to that of an Alpha male but they are never found announcing it to people on social media or real life. They try to avoid the spotlight and choose to remain the heroes in the shadows.

7. Super awake

Though omega males act stupid and impractical at times, they are not. They are rational and have clarity in thought and intentions, which means they don’t sleepwalk through life. They don’t forget to find the moments of joy in this serious, chaotic world. Sometimes, they just don’t want to break the old pattern or try new stuff but understands the rhythm of the world very well.

8. Unconventional hobbies

Omega males will always surprise you with their unusual hobbies like collecting some odd items or just playing video games. They don’t bother what the world thinks. All that matters to them is – they are 100% interested in what they are doing – even if it is non-productive. They don’t mind investing time and energy in these unusual hobbies because they seek pleasure from them. Unlike alpha males, omegas are not always ambitious or worried about only life’s game.

9. Straightforward

Flattering is not an omega’s cup of tea. They love saying things face front, least concerned how you feel. They are not good at using twisted words or manipulation no matter if you are in a higher status than them. At the same time, they don’t mean to hurt you! But, they heavily pay for their straightforward nature. People often misunderstand omegas, so these males struggle a lot both in their professional and personal life.

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10. Controversial opinions

Omega males can sympathize with someone whom the others are finding faults at or labelled by society as “bad”. It comes naturally to omegas, which can offend their loved ones. On the other hand, they can consider the victim as the culprit. So, they are  somewhat odd in the eyes of others.

Omegas are confident and believe in their opinions and views. They don’t fight with the Alpha nor doubt their own capacity like the Beta. The Omega will carry on with whatever they think is right and life has to offer them.

11. Child like

Omega males don’t want to grow up as evident from their enthusiasm to play cartoons, watch kids’ shows or engage in other fun activities that most kids like to do. Strange. Isn’t it?

Omegas are easy going when it comes to children and they also like wearing boyish kind of clothes. People appreciate their childlike nature but sometimes are annoyed with their immature behaviour.

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12. Intelligent

Omega males are intelligent and resourceful. Holding expertise in several skills, they are self-sufficient. At the same time, they are reliable and helpful. Although they are very much talented, they lack planning skills. As a result, they keep changing their careers.

They lack competitive attitude and end up doing jobs that are way below their talents. But, omegas don’t regret it. Because they know life is challenging and how to cope up with it. Whatever they do, they do it joyfully and confidently.

13. Single or unhappy in relationships

Omega males are not in the quest to impress the women, because they don’t belong to any wolf pack. Either they will like and love a woman wholeheartedly or avoid but never play mind games or tricks. They are not attention seekers so even when overlooked by the ladies, they are fine. Omegas are not competitive and hate rat race. They believe that if a woman has to come in life she will come without chasing her.

Hence, most of the time omega males are single. Even when they are in relationships, their partners have issues with immature behaviour or childish nature or weird opinions, which create tensions in the relationship. Omegas find happiness in little things like cooking dinner together, but such things are overlooked by serious females of this fast-paced world.

The bottom line

Both Alpha and Omega male are awesome in their own way but as our society likes to put the spotlight on the Alpha male, the Omega male is often overlooked and underrated.

The things that don’t glitter are equally valuable, cherish them.

traits of omega male
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