What Kind Of Afterlife Are You Destined For? Quiz

What Kind Afterlife Destined For

Do you believe in the afterlife? If so, then what do you think happens after we die? Where do we go? Find out what kind of an afterlife are you destined for with this quiz

What is the afterlife?

The afterlife, in simple terms, means life after death. It is a concept that posits that our soul or consciousness or identity continues even after our physical body perishes.

It is widely believed that life after death takes us to the spiritual realm, a unique plane of existence, which is different from our physical realm.

Many people believe that we can become a guardian angel or a ghost in the afterlife. However, some evidence points that we can also be reborn with a new identity.

In fact, death and reincarnation can occur repeatedly until you are ready for the spiritual realm.

So what does your divine future hold? What will you be in the afterlife? Take this afterlife quiz to find out.

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The science behind the afterlife

Is the spiritual realm real? Is there actually life after death? People with Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) believe that there is an afterlife.

Thousands of people with NDEs across the world describe having a strikingly similar experience. They have Out-of-body experiences (OBE’s) and feel like they are going through a “tunnel” while seeing a warm, welcoming bright “light” at the end. They experience meeting spiritual beings like angels and feel a warm, loving presence which most experiencers believe is God.

However, science believes this happens due to a shortage of oxygen in the brain. Some other causes may be neurochemical responses, improper anaesthesia, and trauma. In a TIME magazine article, Andrew Newberg, neuroscientist & professor at Thomas Jefferson University and Hospital says that the “tunnel” and the “light” experienced by NDE-ers can be explained scientifically.

He believes that we start losing our vision of the peripheral areas as we start dying and our eyesight begins to fade. “That’s why you’d have a tunnel sensation,” he adds. However, the “light” can be “the central part of the visual system shutting down last.”

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Is there truly life after death?

So does all the scientific analysis mean there is no afterlife? Not at all. This is only a part of the puzzle. People with NDEs refuse to believe that their experiences are hallucinations of the dying brain.

In fact, some scientists believe there is more to the story than our dying brain and hallucinations.

Emily Williams Kelly, a psychologist at the University of Virginia’s Division of Perceptual Studies, is an expert on the study of NDEs. She says “If our conscious experience totally depends on the brain, then there can’t be an afterlife – when the brain is gone, the mind is gone. But it’s not that simple. Even when the brain seems to be virtually disabled, people are still having these experiences.”

She believes that Near-Death Experiences “tell us to open our minds and think there may be a great deal more to mind and consciousness.”

So what do you think your afterlife will be? How will you experience life after death?

If you are curious, then this afterlife quiz is just for you!

Take this afterlife quiz

This afterlife quiz is developed especially to help you understand what type of an afterlife you’re destined for. All you need to do is answer a few questions related to your personality and preferences honestly.

However, you must remember that this quiz is purely intended for fun. So don’t take too much time to answer the questions. You will be surprised by how accurate our answers can be.

Get ready to unlock divine mysteries with our afterlife quiz.

Make sure to share your results with your friends.


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What Kind Of Afterlife Are You Destined For? Quiz

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