There’s No Afterlife! Says A Man Who Died Twice

No Afterlife

There’s No Afterlife! Says A Man Who Died Twice

In the beginning of 2014, Sasha Eliasson had no idea that he’d experience something very few people do and twice at that.

He was just an ordinary student from Sweden. The first incident happened during a terrible crash while he was on his bike. While he was on a highway, he accidentally ran into a construction area and when he tried to hit the brakes, he ended up losing control of his vehicle. The shock and pain of the accident made his body stop functioning and for a couple of minutes, he had no pulse or consciousness and wasn’t even breathing. Many months after that, his body shut down once again when he accidentally overdosed on pain meds after an operation which caused the failure of his respiratory system.

During both incidents, his doctors were able to resuscitate him but nevertheless, Sasha Eliasson was technically dead for a couple of minutes both times. His tale has intrigued people all around the world and at least five million people have viewed his story on the internet.

Soon after his experiences, Eliasson, a life-long atheist, decided to share his testimony on what he had seen in those few minutes with the rest of the world.

During a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), Eliasson, going by the name ‘r00tdude’, explained that when he had died, that had been all. Life was finished. He didn’t see the usual light at the end of the tunnel that many others have described. All he could see was complete darkness. He went so far as to say that it had felt like a ‘short, dreamless nap’ that felt like it had taken a long time but ended much quicker in reality. Eliasson was not even aware of the magnitude of what had occurred until his doctors told him that he had actually died.

As you can imagine, this controversial statement caused a great furore. It went completely against the traditional experiences of passing through a tunnel leading to a bright light or walking backward to something unseen but horrifying.

Soon after he posted about the non-existence of any kind of life beyond death, many critics came up to question his statement. A section of his critics claimed that he must have been facing the other way instead of towards the light. Others argued that the Divine Power was aware that Eliasson’s time had not yet arrived so he was deliberately prevented from looking beyond death as he was not yet ready. Some even told him that he was destined to go to hell for saying such things and some went so far as to wish for his actual death.

When his experience was questioned, Eliasson first stated that his only wish had been to talk about what he had experienced and reply to any queries that people might have. He had had no intention of starting an intense spiritual and religious debate that put many on edge. He defended his own experience by saying that in other cases, the person’s consciousness might have continued to be active and so would have dreamed up the scenario.

Talking about what his close shaves with death taught him, he said that it has helped him accept that he is only mortal and will die one day. He now understands that none of his achievements will do him any good once he had passed on. They will only affect those that he would leave behind. Eliasson advised readers to come to terms with the fact that death is an essential part of life in order to get over the basic fear of death.

Though Eliasson has given up his bike in order to relieve the stress of those who care about him, his experiences have not changed his opinions on religion. He is still very much the atheist that he has always been and he even argued that no God would be merciless enough to make people and their families endure so much pain and suffering. He, however, admitted that he had hoped to see that there was some sort of Divine Power or afterlife, anything to prove that there was something greater than all of us out there but even knowing that that doesn’t exist has not changed him. He has accepted that there’s no higher power waiting out there, at least not in his own case. But even then, Eliasson believes that people should be allowed to believe in whatever they want to without forcing others to accept it. Everyone should have the freedom to talk about their own experiences.

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