7 Things All Men Need To Feel Connected In Love

Find out those few things that all men need to feel to stay connected with their partner.

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Humans are by nature egocentric so it is natural for women in relationships to focus on what they need and be expressive about when and where those needs are not being met.

Communicating your needs can be an effective relationship practice when presented in a positive and proactive way.

The reality is both men and women have needs. Men are human beings and need to feel loved just as much as women do.

The difference is they ‘show up’ so differently than women that their needs often go unnoticed, are not understood, or are simply ignored.

Society and their fathers have taught this generation of men to be strong and independent. To ‘suck it up,’ ‘don’t be a pussy;’ and the ultimate, to … ‘be a man!’

Basically translated, these all mean ‘show no emotion,’ which makes expressing your needs and desires very difficult.

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So you do. You show up as a confident and strong man and stuff your emotions deep inside and you might even run like hell, using avoidance anytime something emotional arises, because you have not had the opportunity to openly and frequently flex your emotion muscle like women have.

The result is a lack of understanding and connection in relationships between men and women.

Men struggle with expressing and healing their emotional wounds. Women get frustrated with their perceived lack of ability to connect on an emotional level. This leads to separation of connection and relationship breakdown.

When women need to express their emotion they talk, often to their girlfriends. Men, on the other hand, do not have that luxury.

Men do not pull up a stool at the pub and say, ‘yeah dude, I feel kind of scared that my company is losing money ’or‘ I feel excited about my weekend getaway; I think she is the one.’

But relationship success really comes down to one key thing. Your ability to recognize, appreciate and meet the needs of your partner.

That takes effort from both parties. The more men can connect to, and accept and communicate their needs to their partner, the more deeply connected couples will become.

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