6 Signs You Are Under Excessive Stress


Clear Signs Of Excessive Stress And How to Treat It

Feeling like you’re carrying the weight of the world? Let’s talk about those telltale signs of excessive stress that might be a bit too much in your life. Are you ready?

The present world situation is one where people live under excessive stress. The fast-paced work environment takes a toll on everyone’s life, leading to a severe reduction in their happiness, while simultaneously increasing the exploitation of the land.

It isn’t of much help, for money can’t ever buy happiness. This leads to stress. Such an environment might be conducive to the production and wealth of a country, but it is definitely not contributing to the mental stability of a person.

How much that person can actually handle pressure only decides how long it will take for him to buckle down.

In our everyday lives, we see the youngest of people complain about a migraine, back pains, and 24×7 fatigue.

This isn’t how it should be, right? It is your body’s way of telling you to let it go.

Being an adult means having the freedom to go about one’s life. And, if at this stage you are burdened by your work, and forced into a tiny corner, your body is bound to revolt against the entire system.

Take a step back, and admire what you have done, instead of going on and on about it. This would, in the future, prove to be a major catalyst to your suffering.

But, unfortunately, we aren’t able to understand these signals. For we are too busy trying to work, to an extent that is inhumane, and simply, cruel.

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Excessive stress symptoms can have many forms. It could include headaches, body pain, backaches, a continuously irritated mood, or a lack of appetite.

It could also, under the most severe cases, lead to substance abuse, and even suicide, when the body is unable to cope up with the pressure it is piling on itself.

Excessive stress can destroy families, so take care that it doesn’t destroy yours.

Stress, at times, can be overwhelming and you may not even know when your stress overpowers your ability to handle it.

Be careful! Here are some of the signs you are stressed and it has taken over you.

Signs Of Excessive Stress

1. You Have Inhuman Sleeping Patterns

Humans should generally sleep for 7-8 hours every night, which would benefit the body greatly, and keep it healthy. This is because a healthy body needs a perfect sleeping pattern, that works like a clock. It regulates the heartbeat and removed any sort of fatigue that might be encroaching upon it and also keeps the body fresh and free from diseases.

A stressed person would suffer from a lack of sleep or sound asleep. They would always be tossing and turning around in their bed, while people around them are sleeping.

They would stay awake till late at night, trying to do everything that can make them fall asleep, but the more they would do, sleep will elude them more. And in the event that they do manage to fall asleep, they tend to wake up after a turbulent sleep, feeling extremely twitchy.

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2. Your Eating Habits Have Changed

A healthy person would focus more on veggies, and healthy food which is laden with protein, carbohydrates, and fat in equal amounts, that would build up the muscles, and keep the body free from illnesses.

This also brings into question the topic of fitness. A healthy man is always fit. Always willing to go the extra mile, and always willing to substitute a junk burger, with a fruit salad.

A stressed person is always in a hurry, and his meals reflect that. He would rather eat burgers or fries, and coke, rather than water, or milk, for the fact. He doesn’t have the time to sit and eat a nourishing breakfast, and that could be a serious indicator of excessive stress.

3. You Feel Irritated Quite Often

You are always irritated. No matter the time or the situation, you are always angry and tetchy. You feel as if the world has done you a great injustice by making you work, and not treat you well.

Stress from work, stress from the day, stress from your family, all it does is make you anxious about everything, and that, in turn, makes you angry. The whole world makes you angry, and nothing, even the things you liked before, make you mad now.

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4. You Engage In Substance Abuse

If you are inclined towards the use of intoxicants, it is solely because you are stressed. One cigarette in a week can be a leisure activity, but a whole packet in a day is an addiction. You are addicted to it.

You want it to get you out of this stressful situation where you have found yourself in. It is also because, with the use of intoxicants, you are trying to escape reality, and slip into an illusion. This is a sign that you are stressed. And you need help. Help, that drugs won’t provide.

5. You Feel Lethargic Most Of The Time

You become increasingly lethargic as you move with your daily life. You don’t like getting up, or dressing out to go. You don’t practice your hobbies as much as you did, and all you do is lie in a corner of your room, and pretend that you’re invisible. You hate everything that involves fun, for you aren’t that person anymore.

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6. You Stop Maintaining Yourself

You don’t take care of yourself as much as you used to. This is because you don’t have the time, or the interest to do so. You don’t hit the gym, you don’t groom yourself well, and the sole reason is you are constantly thinking, debating, overcompensating, and arguing with yourself.

This affects your social life and everything that is associated with you. You aren’t the same person anymore, and everyone around you can feel that.

These unmistakable signs of excessive stress scream that you’re drowning in stress. So, it’s not too late to hit the reset button and pave the way for a happier, healthier you! Share your thoughts on how you overcome stress in the comments below!

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excessive stress
Excessive Stress Symptoms: 6 Signs You Are Stressed
Signs Of Excessive Stress pin
Excessive Stress Symptoms: 6 Signs Of Excessive Stress
signs of excessive stress
6 Signs You Are Under Excessive Stress

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