11 Signs It’s Time To Detox Your Soul

Signs Time To Detox Soul

Detoxification is not only needed for your body but also for your soul. When things seem too overwhelming and negative, it is not your mind but your soul that is exhausted and you cannot serve from an empty vessel. Take this as a sign that it’s time to detox your soul.

“Our thoughts are either focused on what’s eternal, life-changing, and true or lost in the details of our temporary, selfish, false beliefs.” ― Craig Groeschel, Soul Detox: Clean Living in a Contaminated World.

Our bodies often take in things that are not good for our health. So, at times we need to detox our bodies. Likewise, our soul picks up negativities too and needs detoxing. According to Dr. Andrew Wail, depressive rumination is identified as the root cause of unhappiness by many mental health professionals.

When your soul needs a cleanse, it’s time for a spiritual detox. Now the question is, how do you identify that it’s time to detox your soul? Here are some signs that you desperately need a soul spa day to cleanse your soul.

11 Signs It’s Time To Detox Your Soul

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Detox Soul: Signs You Need To Detox

1. You don’t speak mindfully.

Has sarcasm become your language? Have you been hurting others’ feelings without even meaning to do it? It indicates you have negativity in you which needs to be erased. Try to uplift others and think about kind things. This will help.

2. You seek negativity in social media.

You know you need to detox your soul if you are always browsing negative things on social media. According to business mentor Bev James, one might not be able to realize the fact that negative people can drag others with time and make them like one; there are differences between a person who is negative and a person who is going through a negative situation. It’s important for us that we should understand the difference between these two.

If you are capturing these negative vibes, then it’s time for you to say ‘no’ to negativity. Log out, turn off your device. Spend time with people you love and you will soon find yourself getting positive vibes.

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3. Your friends don’t want to hang out with you.

This is the difficult part! Who wants to get left out by their friend circle? But nobody likes to be with someone who is always giving negative vibes.

If you find yourself in such a situation, then it’s time you start connecting with your friends, give them positive vibes, talk about happy things and you will come around soon.

4. You don’t feel any emotion.

Emotions make us human. If we stop feeling them, we stop being ourselves. Feeling no emotion at all, withdrawing oneself from the joys and sorrows of this world, we are evoking negativity. It’s a warning sign that you need to cleanse and detox your soul.

5. You get annoyed by other’s happiness.

You can’t stand others’ happiness. You feel miserable when you find people around you smiling and laughing.

According to story-teller and copy-writer Dawn Gluskin, most happy people believe that it’s impossible to control what is happening around us but we can control the way we perceive these things, how we think, feel and react to situations. It is this kind of thought and action that determines the quality of our lives.

Happiness is meant to be infectious; it can’t give anyone sorrow. Meditate and seek the help of your support system in order to get away from this negative thought.

6. You become the victim everywhere.

It’s unfortunate that we become victims at various phases of our lives but if you become the victim at every single place, then it’s a warning sign that you need to detox your soul.

You always find that someone has done something wrong against you. You look into the negative side of all the things. Leave them. Instead, focus on the optimistic side of everything.

7. You enjoy the misfortunes of people around you.

Instead of giving others sympathy or empathy, you enjoy it when others go through a negative phase in their lives. In this way, you are nurturing negativity, instead of doing away with it.

The moment you start sharing your positivity with others, it will grow and bring good changes in your life too.

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8. You can’t get good sleep.

You can only sleep well when you are at peace with yourself. If you find yourself staying awake all through the night even though you are tired of having nightmares that disturb your sleep, it means your soul is experiencing something chaotic within and you need to erase the negativity. Meditation and healthy food habits will help you bring back peace.

9. You feel bored always.

You don’t get attracted to your hobbies anymore; you seem to run out of enthusiasm and passion. Our world has so many wonderful things to offer us and by staying away from activities, feeling lethargic, you make yourself susceptible to negative thoughts. Reach out to your support group, learn something new, start volunteering for some community work. You will find that there are innumerable places where you are needed.

10. You don’t like prayer or meditation.

Mediation and prayer get us connected to our souls. If you are avoiding them, it means you don’t want to confront your inner soul and there’s a lot of turmoil in there.

It will be hard but start giving time to yourself, understand yourself and you will soon come out of the bad phase. Meditation is one of the best ways to detox your soul and make yourself happy.

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11. You don’t spend time in nature.

When is the last time you have gone out for a walk along the woods or saw the sunrise? Seems like a long-distant memory? Staying disconnected from nature lets the negativity cripple your soul. Breathe the fresh air, bathe yourself in the warm sunlight and enjoy the greens. Nature will help you heal. Our souls need to be taken care of too. Don’t ignore yourself and your mental health.

11 Signs It’s Time To Detox Your Soul
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