Why Smart People Don’t Take Revenge They Let KARMA Do The Work

Smart People Dont Take Revenge KARMA Do Work

4) You will have to pay the price for whatever act of vengeance you choose to commit

Though you may be able to get the vengeance you feel you deserve in a way that is legal and doesn’t involve anything dirty, as mentioned earlier, every action comes with a price.

You can’t predict that karma won’t come for you as well. You could have hidden your actions and kept them secret from every living soul but the universe is always watching and you cannot escape your own karma.

Even if no one else knows, you will be fully aware of your actions and they might end up haunting you and causing you more pain than what the person you took revenge on managed to inflict.

In a time when most of us are stuck in an endless cycle of birth and death with no hopes of breaking the cycle any time soon, strong people will always do their best to prevent any negative karma from accumulating.

It might feel good to get payback but understand that this feeling will only last for a short time. The ramifications of that action will be greater and will last much longer.

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5) Your happiness is greater whatever plan you’ve come up with to get revenge.

According to Eddie Vedder, the best revenge is to live on and prove yourself. Even Frank Sinatra said that the best revenge is a massive success.

Both of them, and many others were right in this regard. There is no better way to get the vengeance you desire than by letting go of those who have hurt you and just living your life in the fullest manner possible.

Those who have wronged you will be happy if they see you gnashing your teeth at them and working on your plan for revenge because it is proof that they have managed to get under your skin.

They thrive on the pleasure they get from watching your pain. Worse still, you might just let anger blind you and make some mistake which will only serve to make them happier.

It is so much better to shove all this aside and just continue working hard in order to be as successful as you can be. Toxic people will suffer more when they see your success and happiness than if you every deliberately try to get back at them.

Are you one of the those smart people who don’t take revenge?

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Smart People Don't Take Revenge
Why Smart People Don’t Take Revenge They Let KARMA Take Care Of It
Smart People Dont Take Revenge KARMA Do Work Pin
Why Smart People Don't Take Revenge They Let KARMA Do The Work
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