43 Pieces of Best Marriage Advice by Top Relationship Experts

43 Pieces of Best Marriage Advice by Top Relationship Experts

Step 2: Brainstorm a list of 10 fun things you did together when you first met; do one date per week and enjoy bringing back that loving feeling!” — Tasha Dimling, Dating Coach, MBA


40. You’re entitled to the occasional mood swings but you’re not entitled to treat your partner as a punching bag

“But you’re not entitled to make your partner the whipping girl or boy.” — Sherry Amatenstein, LCSW


41. A strong relationship is built on trust.

“Trust your partner in everything, including purchases and financial decisions, and to bring up things with you that needs a joint decision. If you can’t do that, the two of you have a problem”. — Donald Pelles, Ph.D., CHt


42. Always keep the big picture perspective.

“In the heat of the moment, what feels super-important will likely fade in importance as time goes by. Before you react by yelling, tossing insults or unkind words, remember that ‘this, too, shall pass’. Don’t let one unfortunate incident, difficult argument or challenging moment destroy your lifetime of happiness.”  — Melanie Gorman, MA


43. Compliment your spouse on qualitative traits such as patience, helpfulness, courage, or kindness instead of just appreciating them for their external beauty.

“Create regular opportunities for fun, laughter, and positive experiences. Figure out what communicates love to each other and do that. Be observant and thoughtful with little things and even do chores that the other dislikes. Consciously doing what opens and softens your spouse’s heart will benefit you both in the long run and keep your marriage happier.”  — Susanne Alexander


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43 Pieces of Best Marriage Advice by Top Relationship Experts


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