6 Ways Healthy Arguments Make Healthy Relationships

 November 09, 2016

When relationships begin love is in the air. We get so high on love that we ignore all differences, proving the adage ’love is blind.’

In fact, the foundation of love is laid with compromise. It’s like we are ready to believe ‘the sun rises in the west’ if they say so, just kidding. But we do compromise a lot. Once past the butterfly stage, when the trip of love is low, we start to feel differences of opinion. It’s time our relationship goes through the test. We start having arguments. If these arguments are healthy we can learn a lot from each other and if not the relationship becomes toxic.

No love story, or let’s say no epic love story, ever existed without arguments. Arguments, in fact, breed passion. Arguments show individualism, different perspectives, and the ability to teach each other.

By arguing I don’t mean abusing each other. Throwing plates, punching, or breaking bones… ouch!

Arguing simply means two minds having a difference of opinion, a battle of minds and for sapiosexuals this is a great turn on.

Let’s go on two see why couples who argue are actually happier

1. Your relationship will survive anything

If you cannot argue with your loved one I’m sorry it just isn’t real love. If you can open your heart and mind and say what you want to say to your partner, your love will survive anything. If you bottle up your thoughts in fear of hurting each other, your worst nightmare may befall you.

Lack of arguing is due to a lack of engagement and this, my friend, is not very nice word.


2. There is mutual respect

Your views can be contradictory and that’s totally okay. It doesn’t mean you lack respect for each other. It means you are open to differences and this gives you better understanding and a broader horizon. Being able to listen to a different opinion and not losing your mind; instead countering it with a better argument raises both awareness and respect and that is how love blossoms. After all love is not about how you feel for the other person but how you treat the significant other.

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3. Absence of fear

Fear and love can never stay together. Having arguments shows you’re not afraid of each other. You have the freedom to proffer your opinion and complacent partners are appreciated for a while but it’s the combative partner who makes the journey colorful. If your partner wants you to be complacent and not combative, chances are you’re with a narcissist.

Having healthy arguments shows you’re strong people and have a healthy love for each other and can handle strong opinions.


4. Presence of comfort

We don’t fight or argue with just anybody. We argue only with people we love and this shows we are comfortable around and with them. We can have a difference of opinion and still be together. This is real comforting. We can be who we are, no showoff or no ‘trying to be the nice person’. You don’t have to make up things or agree just to please someone. These situations are really uncomfortable. You know an argument you have is not going to ruin your relationship and that is a comfort.

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