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If Your Woman Doesn’t Argue With You, She Probably Doesn’t Love you

If Your Woman Doesn't Argue With You, She Probably Doesn't Love you

If Your Woman Doesn’t Argue With You, She Probably Doesn’t Love you

It is said that ‘silence’ and woman’ are two words that cannot exist together. Hence for those who are actually looking for a long-lasting relationship with a woman who is quiet, calm, and cool should actually wake up from their dream.

she does not love you

It is the men’s notions to fantasize for a woman who does not argue on issues, counter back the claims they put forth, surrender in every other incident of clash and agree to whatever they say and do. Well, this is nothing more than an illusion of yours.

If you would hang up my call, I will for sure burst out of anger. If you will dare to dodge me or irritate me, I will make you regret this mistake of yours. If any of your acts would disgust me, be ready to deal with the ‘over-reacting’ responses of mine.

And the moment you spot the awkward silence prevailing in my behavior, better to start diverging off your way from mine.

Yes, if the girl is spending those precious moments in strengthening the relationship with you, believe me, it is all that she values. She would show all the dedication, concern and care but the moment you observe the following traits in her attitude, get assured there’s something wrong.

If she is not jealous, she is not serious

every girl possesses the genes of possessiveness. You will get those nasty, dramatic replies on that photograph with your female friend. After all, you belong to her. She won’t let any girl come in between you two. She has expectations from you. But get a bit alert if she is not showing any jealousy symptoms. Perhaps she feels a void in your relationship. If she is not passionate enough in the relationship, she is not interested anymore. The charm needs to be revitalized.

Check if she burst out on you for vanishing into the blue

She would turn upside down to know about your well being. And it is very natural for her to burst out her anger on you if she failed to connect with you. Her responsive nature shows her concern towards you. But if the girl is portraying the calm and quiet face; take it as a danger mark for your relationship. It is a clear indication of her being bored of the relationship.

If she prefers silence over blabbering out the shit

Girls love muttering and blabbering out everything they have in mind. And if you are the special ‘someone’ in their life, it is doubtless for them to reach out to you. You are their priority. No matter how irritating it gets for you to deal with the motherly phase of her, appreciate it. Because till the time she is poking, pinning, and interfering in your life, she cares about the relationship. But if they are hiding their emotions from you and seem confused with their feelings, you better buck up.

“Perfect relationships” does not exist

Psychology says women find a reason to be upset over something or the other in their relationship. This is because they love to grab all the attention. They will either create a problem or fall in one of them. But if you find her satisfied and happy with you all the time, it is an alarm that something is wrong.

It is essential to make sure that she argues fights and talks with you. This will ensure a healthy relationship. After all, a woman’s heart is the ocean of deep secrets and you need to make attempts to dive in it every time to make her feel that you are the perfect friend and the best partner for her.

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If Your Woman Doesn't Argue With You, She Probably Doesn't Love you
If Your Woman Doesn’t Argue With You, She Probably Doesn’t Love you

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