24 Cool Facts about Left Handed People

24 Cool Facts about Left Handed People

Did you know that nearly 10 to 12% of the world population is left-handed?

Did you know that lefties tend to be more independent, creative, adaptive and flexible because of facing the world that is largely designed for right-handed people?

Scientists are not really sure of the exact reason behind people being left-handed but research points to a complex collaboration of genetics and environment that can lead to some people being lefties.


Let’s find out some other really cool and unique facts about Lefties:

1) The right part of the brain is dominant in left-handers.

The left side of the brain is logical and analytical and the right side of the brain is creative and emotional.

The right part of the brain is more dominant in the left-handed people and therefore they tend to be more creative and artistic in their disposition.


2) Lefties tend to be highly independent, flexible and adaptive

Lefties tend to be more independent and flexible as they learn to adapt to the world largely made for the right-handers.


3) They have a creative streak.

Psychologists suggest that living in a world designed for right-handed people makes lefties come up with independent thinking and creative solutions.

Also, the right part of the brain that deals in creativity and expressing emotions is more dominant in the lefties that give them a creative streak.

In fact, a lot of famous artists and celebrities like Leonardo Da Vinci, Julia Roberts, Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise, Eminem, Justin Beiber, Jim Carrey, Lady Gaga are lefties.


4) According to studies:

According to studies lefties like to booze more than right-handed people.

5) They are a pro at sports

Lefties are a pro at sports, be it golf, tennis or boxing they excel everywhere.
Golf champ Phil Mickelson, Tennis rockstar Rafael Nadal, boxing legend Oscar de la Hoya are all lefties.

In fact, almost 40% of the top tennis players are lefties.

According to MSNBC review of an interesting book The puzzle of left-handedness by Rik Smits, left-handers may have an advantage in games involving two opponents facing each other like boxing or tennis because they get more opportunities to practice against right-handed opponents than vice versa since righties are so much more in number.


6) Seeing Underwaters:

They can adjust to seeing underwater better than right-handers

7) During Puberty:

They tend to reach puberty 4-5 months later than right-handers

8) Insomnia:

They are more likely to suffer from insomnia

9) Research studies say:

Research says left-handedness is seen in animals as well

10) Statistical data:

Statistical data show that there are more than 30 million left-handers in the U.S.

11) August 13 is celebrated as Left Handers Day internationally

The UK based Left-Handers Club launched 13th August as the International Left-Handers Day in 1992 to increase awareness about the left-handed lifestyle.

Their website marks this as a day “when left-handers everywhere can celebrate their sinistrality and increase public awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of being left-handed.”


12) They shine in politics

Out of the last seven US presidents, 4 have been left-handed. President Obama, Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Gerald Ford, as well as few Presidents in the past like James Garfield and Harry Truman, are also left-handed.


13) Statistics about left- handed college graduates:

Statistics show that Left handed college graduates go on to become around 26% richer than their right-handed counterparts


14) Better at 3D perception and thinking:

Left-handers are better at 3D perception and thinking


15). Left Handed are prone to diseases:

They are more prone to Asthma and allergies


16) They are also likely to get easily embarrassed

According to research done by scientists from Abertay University in Scotland, lefties tend to feel more shy, inhibited, critical self-observers as compared to their right-handed counterparts.


17). They tend to have higher IQs

Some of the most influential and genius people that have walked on this planet like Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, and Benjamin Franklin were all lefties.
Also, according to a research conducted in Lawrence University in New York, there were more left-handed people over IQs of 140 than right-handed people.
Lefties tend to be smarter and have higher IQs than their right-handed counterparts.

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  1. Phil Mickelson is not a lefty. He is only left handed because his father, also a golfer and a righty taught his son to play the game by having him mirror a right handed swing as a lefty. Mickelson is otherwise a righty.

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