Left Brain Vs. Right Brain: Some Eye Opening Insights

Left Brain Vs. Right Brain: Some Eye Opening Insights

If you are philosophical and have a way with people, what side of your brain do you use most of the time? Is it the left or the right?

If you are always driven to achieve, and always ready with a to-do list, do you prefer your brain’s right portion or the left? How about when you are rational, or emotional? What side of your brain do you use? When you are drawn towards creative projects, or say, love tinkering with numbers? Are you inclined to use the right brain or the left? It would be nice to know why we are attracted to certain activities and why we avoid some, right?

What is the relevance of this information, anyway? This graphic produced by Onlinecollege.org will shed light on the matter.

Left brain, right brain

Most of us use one particular side. Did you know that our interests and activities along with our personality can say which side of the brain we use more?

Below is a rough outline on the main areas of interests of Left and Right Side Brain Users.  Which side can you more relate to? Do let us know in the comment box below.

Left side users

Most left side users are very rational. They are planners. They need to make sure that they have a good plan set out before they start to do anything. You will be very precise and logical. Since you are much more realistic you do not live in any kind of fantasy. Another good thing about left side users is that they are much better at concentrating and are critical thinkers. They are dog lovers.

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Right side brain users

Right side brain users are known to be creative. They love to take part in creative things including art. A student using their right side of the brain will be much for active and will love group based activities. But they are not realistic. They stay in their fantasies and often tend to have concentration problem. The right side brain users are very intuitive and many of them even have psychic powers. They are mostly cat lovers.

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