15 Reasons Why Men Love To Cuddle


15 reasons why men love to cuddle

Contrary to popular notion, men also love to cuddle, the problem is they just don’t know how to express it directly most of the time. Because they are expected to be ‘strong’ and ‘masculine’ all the time, they tend to hesitate to open up their hearts and tell their partners that they want to be held close.

In these modern times, it is necessary to get rid of stereotypes and embrace the idea that the gender you identify with doesn’t wholly define your likes and dislikes. It’s almost shameful, that we still need to act like men don’t like to cuddle just as much as anyone else. Men are also human beings with feelings and emotions, and just because they don’t always show it, that doesn’t mean they don’t feel them.

Here Are 15 Reasons Why Men Love To Cuddle

1. Fires up their protective instincts.

Amongst other things, cuddling with their partners makes men feel like they’re protecting them. Holding the other person satisfies the instinct that pushes them to protect their partner in all situations.

You can’t deny that being wrapped up in someone else’s arms gives you a feeling of being protected and safe.

2. Contributes to their partner’s happiness.

If you love cuddling and your boyfriend loves you, then he’ll do it because he knows that it is something that makes you light up from the inside. While it may get a little uncomfortable for them after a while, they’ll still cuddle you because you look happy and content when they do it.

3. Feeling of closeness.

This is one of the major reasons why men love to cuddle. Physical intimacy is important in a romantic relationship and just like sex, cuddling allows you to feel closer to your partner. Men like it because it gives both of you a sense of intimacy. Also, cuddling can give you a greater sense of vulnerability and openness with your partner than making love at times.

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4. Makes him feel like a man.

Contrary to popular notions, needing a good cuddle doesn’t make you weak. When a person has been having a bad time and is in need of a boost in their self-confidence, they turn to those they’re close to in order to pull themselves out of their sorrow.

Sometimes when your boyfriend wants to cuddle, it’s because he’s been having difficulties and being held by you makes him feel much better about himself.

5. No reason to hide.

The world expects men to always put on a brave face and stick to a misconceived notion of ‘manliness’ even when they’re going through tough times. At the end of the day, when you’re holding your boyfriend in your arms, he may finally be able to cast aside that mask and reveal his true feelings.

6. Nothing’s comfier.

Along with humans, most creatures also like to cuddle. There’s no denying that cuddling is comfy and cozy especially when it’s cold outside and you can snuggle in with someone you are in love with.

7. Helps them sleep better.

Cuddling helps both men and women sleep better. Science has actually proved that snuggling in can help both partners feel better rested. Men like cuddling especially after they’ve had a tough time at work and are badly in need of a good night’s sleep.

8. So easy.

Making love can be stressful as both partners have to worry about pleasing each other. But to cuddle is easy and there’s no expectation from either side. It’s as simple as breathing and it has a lot of benefits.

9. An intimate act.

We are all beings with deep-rooted carnal and primitive urges but there are times when those urges go to bend leaving behind a small, innocent little puppy that’s craving for affection.

Men want all kinds of intimacy and this includes a lot more than just sexual acts. Building a strong relationship is much more than that and they know it.

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10. Feelings of importance.

Cuddling has a lot of benefits and notwithstanding all of that, men are also just attracted to the idea that they’re the ones you turn when you need to be comforted. Your boyfriend feels like he’s of more importance to you when you eagerly wait for him to hold you close every night that you’re together.

11. The emotions.

Different kinds of stimuli lead to the brain releasing different kinds of hormones. Being intimate with your partner can release hormones that make you happier. Along with everything else, biology dictates that men feel better when they cuddle.

12. The lead game.

While cuddling by itself is all well and good, your boyfriend might also be hoping that it could lead to something more.

13. For their health.

Known as the ‘love hormone’ the brain releases oxytocin when you cuddle and this hormone makes you feel happier. The better you feel, the stronger your relationship gets and the stronger your relationship the better your life. There’s so much more to cuddling beneath the surface.

14. Feeling secure.

Insecurity is the bane of most relationships and cuddling can make both partners feel more secure in their place in each other’s hearts.

When you shut your eyes and enjoy the feel of another person being so close to you, you tend to think about how easy it is to be with them. Men feel a greater sense of security about where they are in life when they are assured of the fact that their partner is close to them.

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15. Happiness.

Contrary to popular belief, men aren’t distant, emotionless creatures. They need closeness and affection just like every other human being and cuddling is one way for them to demonstrate this. The simple truth is that cuddling helps them to feel happier.

Unfortunately, stereotypes have only caused damage as they’ve held most of us back from expressing what we really need. So, the next time you want to cuddle, don’t hesitate to ask because it is very likely that your boyfriend does too and he just doesn’t know to communicate that to you.

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15 Reasons Why Men Love To Cuddle

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