10 Ways To Increase Oxytocin Levels (The Love Hormone) In Your Body


Ways Increase Oxytocin Levels

Oxytocin is an essential hormone of the human body that aids in the reproductive process of females and also helps during the lactation period. However, it is more popularly known as the ‘love hormone’ because the levels of oxytocin inside the human body accelerate whenever the body feels some touch or stimulation.

Quite evidently, this hormone is a major player in the maintenance of passionate relationships and also helps to keep the essence of relationships intact.

Oxytocin, although is a neurotransmitter that is generated inside the hypothalamus gland of the brain and helps in the nerve functioning inside the brain. Yet, its role in relationships is far more advantageous.

Hence, it is necessary to have increasing levels of oxytocin in the body.

Given under are ten helpful ways to increase the oxytocin (love hormone) levels inside the human body:

1. Tell your partner how much you care

Sharing your love and affection and strengthening your bond with your partner is useful for bringing up the oxytocin levels inside the body.-

These may include hugs, kisses, holding hands, or even making love. These activities activate the brain regions responsible for reward and pleasure. When making love, the pleasure levels are highest which leads to an increase in oxytocin, which is why it is also called the “cuddle chemical” and “love hormone” as well as “connection hormone.” Aside from that, letting your partner know how much you love, respect, and appreciate them can increase prosocial feelings on both sides.

2. Appreciation

Oxytocin not requires only touch or stimulation but also is released in higher amounts whenever words of appreciation or encouragement are spoken directing towards a person.

Compassion and care are two such traits that stimulate the production of the oxytocin hormone inside the body. Not only that, any kind act for the well-being of a person or the society at large also helps in increasing the levels of oxytocin inside the human body.

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3. Listening good stuff

There is a striking difference between hearing and listening. Hearing is just lending the ears to some words, music, etc. However, listening to some words or good music is very much beneficial for releasing oxytocin inside the body.

In fact, attentive listening to the partner’s words by putting aside all types of diversions like social media, mobile phones, computers, etc. can indeed create a connection between two people and strengthen the bond between the two of them as well.

4. Laughter


A very crucial behavioral characteristic that helps in increasing the levels of oxytocin inside the body is by smiling and laughing out loud.

This is the reason why the children who are always joyous and laughs while playing or doing any other activity have more levels of oxytocin. Moreover, a smile is infectious, and whenever it is a phenomenal activity that immediately spread within the other persons or within the partners in case of relationships. Hence, any kind of moment must be celebrated with lots of smiles so that health factors are taken care of and at the same time, the connection continues to grow by leaps and bounds as well. ‘Keep Smiling’ should be the mantra.

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5. Meditation


If one tries to pray and meditate, the body heals as it relieves from the escalating levels of stress by regulating the blood pressure and normalizing the body balance as well.

Today the human beings are witnessing maximum levels of stress, tension, anxieties, and pressure in the professional as well as personal areas. Therefore, they are always in the excessively hyper mode or rather a flight and fight mode. This is also an oxytocin stimulating factor that enables the mind, body, and spirit to connect. Every individual must try to meditate at least for five minutes every day.

6. Physical activity

By doing some mild yoga, aerobics, brisk walk, or the like, the brain is stimulated to release more amounts of oxytocin.

Hence, exercising not only helps to keep the body weight in check but also maintains the hormonal health of the human body as well.

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7. Express your negative emotions

It is not wise to keep pent-up emotions inside the mind rather than letting those out in the form of tears.

This is nothing but storing negativity within that obviously creates stress and even leads an individual to depression also. Negativity must be removed as soon as it hits the mind and therefore, one should cry out loud to release all kinds of sorrows, anger, jealousy, frustration, and other negative emotions from the mind and gradually return into a much calm and stable stage where mind and body is at sync. This again facilitates oxytocin production as there is a concept of connection here as well and therefore, crying is a must at least sometimes.

8. Gratitude

It is a great virtue that is gifted only in few human beings.

However, the ability to give selflessly and in fact, the action of giving is very useful for increasing the oxytocin levels as well because by giving, one actually connects with another person. Giving can be of any kind like giving one’s own time, money, charity, thanks and so on. Volunteering is a great behavioral characteristic that assists in oxytocin production too and just like giving, it also enhances the bonding between two or more people.

9. Creativity

One of the best ways to escalate the levels of oxytocin inside the human body is by getting creative.

Creativity is extremely essential in today’s life so that one can try out new ways of writing, making music, cooking food, drawing, or doing any kind of activity or art where one finds solace and peace of mind. This stimulates the grey cells of the brain because something innovative is being done by the individuals and all these factors lead to the production of endorphins, oxytocin, and other happy hormones inside the human body. Hence, no matter how busy one gets in the mundane and monotonous life, everyone ought to make out time for creative hobbies.

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10. Pets


Apart from the above-mentioned methods, getting a pet may also help in producing oxytocin inside the body.

This is mostly because pets are the best buddies of human beings and this connection again speaks by way of release of the ‘love hormone.

Love can therefore happen anytime and anywhere only if one gets to know how to switch on the oxytocin inside the body.

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