5 Phrases That’ll Make Him Fall In Love With You Instantly

Phrases That'll Make Him Fall In Love

Do you want to melt his heart? Do you want to make him fall in love with you? Well, there’s a secret to make him want you and it is easier than you can imagine. It all depends on what exactly you say to him, when you say it and how to say it to him. If you do this right, he will get instantly attracted to you.

As you’ve probably heard your entire life, actions speak louder than words. And while that’s quite true, there are still certain phrases that will make him fall for you. But what are these whimsical words?

Hey ladies, my name is Amy North, I’m a relationship coach from Vancouver, Canada. Today, I want to share with you 5 phrases that will hit a man so hard that he will be desperate for your love and affection.

Let’s get started.

5 Phrases That’ll Make Him Fall In Love With You Instantly

1. “Can you do me a favor?”

It’s no secret that guys like to feel manly— especially around their ladies.

So, what better way to win him over than by commenting on his masculinity? Saying things like, “You’re so strong,” or, “What big muscles you have,” is without a doubt cheesy. But don’t worry, there are other ways to send the same message while keeping your calm, cool and collected attitude.

For instance, next time you need something opened, ask for his help or if you can’t reach something, require his assistance. Letting him know that you need him and feel safe around him not only makes him feel good but when you make him feel like a man, it will keep him wanting to be around you.

And for the record, asking for help doesn’t make you needy, weak, or a damsel in distress. So don’t worry about that. Instead, asking for help shows him that you recognize his physical abilities and would appreciate his help.

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2. “I love your style.”

As you may have heard from other relationship experts, commenting on someone’s looks isn’t always the most compelling thing you can do.

Why? Because that person didn’t choose their looks. They inherited them from their parents. However, commenting on someone’s unique personal style is a whole other story.

Like women, men love it when women acknowledge and compliment the effort they’ve put into their appearance. Not only does it tell him that he was successful at looking good but it also tells him that you notice the little things.

Saying something like, “I really love that jacket,” or, “Your pants are a great color,” will boost his confidence and make him feel good around you. In other words, it will make him fall for you.

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3. “You’re really dedicated, hardworking, focused…” etc.

You know how it feels when someone comments on the talent or skill you have? It feels good, right?

Well, he thinks so too.

Find your man’s talents and talk about them. That said, similar to the looks versus style issue, you don’t want to comment on anything too obvious. If he’s not full-time, then complimenting his writing ability isn’t going to send him over the moon.

Instead, talk about the less obvious traits. Sticking with the writing example, you could comment on his ability to focus or his dedication to his work. Those kinds of phrases will trigger a greater response from him because he’s not as used to hearing them.

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