19 Signs You’re an Introvert in a Loud World

Signs Introvert in Loud

In Jennifer Odessa Grime’s master thesis, she created four different meanings of introversion: the Social, Thinking, Anxious, and Restrained introverts (forming the acronym STAR).

We have built on this STAR model by creating four different introvert archetypes below. See which one of these four introvert archetypes you resonate with the most:

1. The Gardener (Social Introvert)

If you’re a Gardener introvert, you’re a person who doesn’t mind socializing as long as it’s with a small group of friends. In fact, sometimes you need to socialize, as long as you get long periods of time alone to recharge.

You aren’t intimidated by social events and you know the value of making time for yourself. You prefer to pursue your own interests and passions in-between the company of one or two people. You like to create quality intimate connections with a select few people – large groups are too overwhelming and stimulating for you.

You are “The Gardener” because: you selectively pick people and social situations in your life, weeding out people, where necessary, in exchange for the fruits of intimacy with yourself or a close friend.

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2. The Protector (Anxious Introvert)

If you’re a Protector introvert, you feel painfully self-conscious around other people, especially when near strangers. It takes time for you to warm up to new people and overcome your shyness. You are the kind of person who holds very high expectations of yourself which tends to cause you a lot of stress.

To you, solitude is attractive because it gives you a break from other people. But even in solitude you sometimes feel anxious. This is because you have a tendency to ruminate and turn over in your mind the things that might, could, or have already gone terribly wrong. Your thoughts are often focused on parts of your life that you wish could have gone differently.

You are “The Protector” because: you are hyper-vigilant and desire to protect yourself from embarrassment in social situations. This is at the root of your shyness.

3. The Dreamer (Thinking Introvert)

If this is your dominant archetype, you are an introspective, thoughtful, and self-reflective person. You often get lost in the whimsical, imaginative, and creative worlds of your mind. You have a rich, complex inner life, and you often think about what kind of person you are.

When you read an interesting book or watch a compelling movie, you might think about how you’d feel and react if you were in the character’s situation. You are finely tuned into your feelings, and you often evaluate yourself from a distance. Daydreaming and fantasizing are habits that come to define a lot of your life.

You are “The Dreamer” because: you are lost in your own inner world of fantasy and reflection most of the time.

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4. The Architect (Restrained Introvert)

If you’re an Architect introvert you like to take things slowly. You’re not one to be “up and ready” right away when you wake up in the morning. You find it difficult to be impulsive and spontaneous as you like to take your time doing things and hate pressure.

You’re a deliberate and cautious person, and you like to think things through before you act or speak. Forethought is one of the greatest qualities you value in yourself. Introverted author Haruki Murakami is a perfect example of The Architect. He writes in one of his books, “When I put on my jogging shoes in the morning and set out, my feet are so heavy it feels like I’ll never get them moving.”

You are “The Architect” because: you take your time to construct your actions and words in a world that values fast-paced living.

So which type of introvert are you? Let me know in the comments.

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Introverts live in a rich inner world. If you are an introvert, be proud of who you are, honor your energy levels, and don’t be afraid to set boundaries (but also reach out when necessary). As a person who tends to look within a lot, you are blessed with the ability to think creatively, develop analytical prowess, as well as delve into the world of spirituality (if you so desire).

Written By Aletheia Luna
Originally Appeared In LonerWolf

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19 Signs You’re an Introvert in a Loud World
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19 Signs You’re an Introvert in a Loud World
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