11 Weird Things Your Anxiety Makes You Do – That Others Won’t Understand


You imagine the worst things in every scenario

Even before you embark on a journey, fear creeps into your mind that there will be a terrible accident.  Without any reason you visualise everything going wrong in the holiday you are about to take. When you fall sick, you imagine you have got a terrible disease. There can be countless things you fear which may seem silly to others. But, in your mind you are convinced. These fears are real to you.

You get obsessed over trivial things

A simple comment or a remark can make you ponder over it again and again. Conservation with your boss or the way he looked at you may haunt your mind, when there is nothing really serious. You may obsess about the fact that your boyfriend hasn’t picked up your last few calls, and you worry you had annoyed in some way. People not affected with anxiety cannot even imagine why such small little things bother you.

You can’t sleep till late even when you are sleep deprived

Your brain is too strained and overactive. Even if you want, you can’t just fall asleep because you have too many things to think over about the happenings of the day. Your brain cannot relax and shut off. So, your sleep is short and you wake up very early with a mind clouded with worries. You may not be able to sleep again during the day as you can’t drive away anxiety once you are awake.

You reject invitations even if you really want to go out

Anxiety can drain people of their energy so much so that they can’t gather enough strength to go out in the society and enjoy. Even if you were super excited before all the enthusiasm fizzes away and you simply drop the idea of attending the party.

Fear of speaking something wrong haunts you

Whether you had an argument or a normal and pleasant conversation, you keep replaying it in your mind to find out if you had something wrong. You don’t want to get into any confrontations and to ensure that you constantly scan your words and look for faults. It is a dangerous thing to do as it can make you very weak from inside. You need to tell yourself, it is only anxiety that is making you do this.

You compare yourself with others

You may be aware comparing your own achievements with others is both wrong and harmful. But, if you are affected with anxiety, you can’t help yourself. When you see how people of your own age are getting their dream jobs and what great life they are leading, you feel stressed.  You feel low and imagine if you would ever be able to reach similar heights.

Words of concern worry you

When you are down with anxiety attack, the symptoms are quite visible. Anybody who sees you may just ask if you were Okay. But, even kind words of concern may make you feel worse. You may feel this way for two reasons- either you don’t want anyone to know about your condition or you just feel that if others are worried, you should worry even more about yourself.

Thinking about future makes you nervous

You feel extremely anxious when people discuss about future. When someone tells you what they plan to do in the next five years and ask you about your plans, you hate it. Dealing with these questions is not easy for you. You feel you are not good enough compared to the person who asks you these questions.

You blame yourself when others don’t reply your message

It could be anybody your sister, a friend, your boyfriend or a colleague, when they don’t reply to your message you think you are at fault when they could be just poor with communication. People not suffering from anxiety may not even pay any heed to such things but because of anxiety your mind pushes you to worry about such unimportant things.

Feel unwell physically and mentally

Anxiety can drain you mentally and physically. The constant fight to exist while living with anxiety and trying to feel okay is not easy. After being like this day after day, you may just find it impossible to get out of your bed one fine day. You may need time and space to recuperate and gain strength. Anxiety is not something that one can just leave aside and continue with life. It can do very harmful things to a person, but lot of people don’t understand this fact.

You are not able to forgive yourself soon for any mistake at work

Even if you are always trying to give your best at work, an accidental mistake can give you immense anxiety. You go down on yourself and all you can manage to think is how badly others are thinking about you. You can’t forgive yourself for days and weeks.