11 Superpowers of An Introverted Child


Superpowers of an Introverted Child

Introverts sometimes get a very rap for being who they are, especially when it comes to an introverted child. They are always misconstrued as awkward beings who do not know how to talk to people or socialize in general. An introverted child might be quieter than other children, but they are no less smart than them.

There are several myths about kids who are introverts:

  • They are nervous
  • They don’t like other people
  • They don’t want to be social
  • They are basically shy people

If you’re an introvert, you are not anti-social, you just react to your environment differently than some kids. You are certainly not shy; in reality, there is a notable difference between introversion and shyness. Shyness manifests when you’re scared of being judged negatively. An introvert is someone who prefers quiet or less stimulating environments—someone who recharges his or her energy by getting plenty of alone time.

Because society often tells us that we can get ahead by coming out of our shells, or being go-getters, introverts can sometimes feel like they are the only ones who want to sit quietly and think. But introversion is actually very common. In fact, it’s thought that up to half of all people are introverts. That means if you have 30 kids in your class, around 15 of them may actually be introverts too! And each one of you has superpowers.

Here are 11 superpowers of the introverted child

Superpowers of Introverted Child infographic

1. They have deep friendships.

They may feel overwhelmed or tired at a big, noisy party, but they love spending time and catching up with very close friends. They are very good listeners, making close, even lifelong friendships. This is one of the great rewards of introversion.

2. They are great readers and writers.

Introverts tend to love reading as part of their quiet, alone time. And the more they read, the better they write. Reading gives them inspiration and a better command of the language, which they can show off in their imaginative and well-thought-out writing.

Timed writing assignments may not be their forte because they like to have space to carefully reason out an argument before writing it.  But they have the capacity to write stories with detailed descriptions of the characters, surroundings, and conflicts. They may agree with what Isaac Asimov, a prolific science fiction writer and author of I, Robot once said, “Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.”

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3. They are careful and conscientious.

Sure, sometimes risk-taking pays off, but they see the value of looking before they leap. In fact, information takes a long journey through an introvert’s brain than through that of an extrovert. Since they tend to hang back and study new situations before jumping right in, they give themselves the chance to make good choices.

4. They have amazing ideas.

By giving themselves the time to be quiet and listen to themselves think, they end up having lots of interesting ideas that might not have come to them if they spent all their time in a rowdy group. Keep listening to yourself, and keep being thoughtful!

5. They make a great leader.

This one may surprise you, but they have incredible leadership qualities! Introvert leaders project calmness in times of crisis think before they speak, and ask great questions. These are all hallmarks of an effective leader and doer.

Want to know more about an introverted child? Check this video out below:

6. They are a talented problem solver.

They have larger, thicker gray matter in their prefrontal cortex (the command center in the brain responsible for complex problem solving, information processing, and decision making) than their extroverted peers.

When they face a challenge, they thrive on the energy within their brain to work out thoroughly reasoned out solutions. Their brain is literally built to ponder on things.

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7. They are observant.

Introverts like to spend time in quiet thought. This means thinking about all kinds of things, including noticing and investigating their environment. Since introverts think through situations thoroughly and tend to create worlds in their own minds, they also tend to remember events and details vividly.  

This makes introverts awesome at recalling their own stories and the stories of other people.

8. They are reliable.

Chances are, even if they don’t always show it, the adults in their life have confidence in their reliability, and value and depend on their trustworthiness. Because they are organized, keeping their promises and plans are easier, because they usually think through their actions before they make them.

9. They are fair.

They are terrific listeners and tend to listen to all parties and circumstances before judging a situation. People love to have a friend that will really listen to what they have to say and provide equitable opinions. They are great at listening with their whole brain and not just their ears.

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10. They are peaceful.

Introverts are rarely bullies because rather than picking a fight, they are more likely to be found thinking out how to explain their point of view through words. Since they are terrific listeners, introverts can often solve conflicts by talking it out rather than getting physical. Introverts tend to calm other people down who are around them.  

That’s not to say introverts don’t get excited or a little crazy sometimes, but they tend to stay calm and help other people around them stay calm, especially in tough situations.

11. They know themselves.

Because they like to spend time alone and enjoy their own thoughts, they know a lot about themselves, and how different things are likely to make them feel. Spending time thinking about who they are and what matters to them is a great way for an introvert to use their traits to help themselves grow.

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Superpowers of Introverted Child pin
Superpowers of an Introverted Child pin
Superpowers of Introverted Child pin

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