7 Life-Changing Stages Of Awakening You Have To Go Through To Achieve Enlightenment


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Life-Changing Stages Of Awakening To Achieve Enlightenment

There are many spiritual stages of awakening, that you have to go through before achieving enlightenment. Take a look at what they are.

It’s a sad travesty that most of us spend our entire lives trying to reach the pinnacle of our spirituality, in the hopes that it would guide us towards nirvana.

But what we don’t realize in this fix, is that everything takes its due course, and trying to speed up the process would result in nothing but failure. Let nature take its due course, and sit back and watch the show. Trying to hurry, would amount to nothing if the end result is zilch.

Also, what we have stopped realizing is that all of us are at different stages in our life, which puts our energy vibrations at different levels too.

7 Stages Of Awakening Enlightenment

We can’t expect what works for us at what time would work for them too. It all depends on how much we are attuned to our energy and spirit, and how determined we are to attain true salvation.

So, trying to help someone when you see them stuck at a phase would do more harm than good, for they would never understand what their own self is capable of, and keep on looking for a crutch their entire life.

One needs to believe in oneself to attain success, and an awakening of the spirit, failing which they would just be at a normal state of being, existing in limbo, with nowhere to go.

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But, how do we awaken our sleeping spirit? How do wake-up calls work? There are seven steps designed to provide some help, and assistance in this task to self-discovery.

Seven Stages of Awakening To Achieve Enlightenment

Stages Of Awakening Achieve Enlightenment
Spiritual Development Stages: 7 Stages Of Awakening To Achieve Enlightenment

1.  Confusion

The first stage of awakening. You are confused. You don’t know where to be. Your life is in shambles and nothing makes sense. Everything muddies up your mind.

And you have no idea where you are supposed to be at a particular stage in your life. You are just a rudderless boat, wandering into the vast abyss that is life.

You have no knowledge and no skill to successfully navigate through this meaningless existence. But, losing hope, would not do you any good. You need to be hopeful, that the sun is shining brightly down the horizon.

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2.  Restlessness

You are impatient. You want it, and you want it now. You are at the edge of your tolerance level, and you want to vent your frustration. This monotonous life is making a mess out of you and you want true success, and happiness your way.

You want to achieve bliss without the burden of a meaningless existence haunting your past. But the problem is you. You are in a hurry. You don’t want to sit and understand. You want to burst through things like a juggernaut, not realizing the damage it would do to you. Relax. You will reap what you have sowed.

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3. Epiphany

This is the trick. You are surrounded by a vast multitude of emotions that cloud your mind. Your previous thoughts which you had negated and neglected as superficial or childish come back to the front of your mind, and you understand them, with even more clarity.

The crushing burden is still present, but you are armed with new thoughts, new emotions, and a greater understanding of the world. The new dawn has arrived.

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4. Push and Pull

You can’t rest now. You lose an inch; you have to get it back. It is a continuous struggle between giving in to the ever-encroaching darkness and winning over to the path of salvation. You need to pull, while the dark side pulls too.

See to it, that you don’t give in to it. The dark side would seduce you, give you a bench to sit on, and a towel to dry yourself, but don’t. You have worked very hard. Don’t lose.

5. Darkness

Don’t lose hope. The darkness has surrounded you, but it will go away. You will be crushed under the darkness, the negativity all around you.

The hopelessness, the feeling of being a worthless parasite feeding off the humanity of people, will go away. Remember, every cloud has a silver lining.

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6. Connectedness

In this stage of awakening, you are in a higher realm of existence. You are connected to everything around you. Nature, the creatures, the animate, and the inanimate; all are connected to you.

You don’t want to let go. You don’t have to let go. Let your consciousness flow. Let it encompass everything.

7. Synchronicity

You are finally in sync. You have finally attained a balance with everything that is around you. You are calm, composed, even under duress, and you have realized true happiness comes from within.

To make that possible, you have to be the dictionary meaning of laidback. Let everything happen without any obstacles, and you will be the Zen master.

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Following these 7 stages of awakening, you understand your worth or your self-authenticity, and then achieve a higher level of understanding and consciousness.

Ultimately, you find yourself in a balance with your creator, for you have realized your self-worth, and are above the material realm of being, which finally leads you to understand everything around you and to love them unconditionally.

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How To Achieve Enlightenment? 7 Stages Of Spiritual Awakening In Your Life
Stages Of Awakening To Achieve Enlightenment pin
How Is Enlightenment Achieved? 7 Stages Of Awakening Enlightenment

Stages Of Awakening Pin
How To Achieve Enlightenment? 7 Stages Of Spiritual Awakening
Awakening Pin
7 Stages Of Spiritual Awakening Before Achieving Enlightenment
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Life-Changing Stages Of Awakening To Achieve Enlightenment pin

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