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Why Meditation Is Essential For Success

Why Meditation Is Essential For Success

Meditation for success is highly underrated and is one of the most powerful tools out there. Regularly practicing meditation exercises can tremendously help you to be mentally, and emotionally be at peace. So, why is meditation important, and what is meditation for success exactly?

Want success? Meditation is key. Meditation is one of the key tools in manifesting your desires and achieving success. It quiets other voices, fears, and emotions, and even relaxes your body so that you can focus on the voices, emotions, and thoughts that will lead to your success.

To meditate is to allow yourself to go back to your spirit and rest.

A lot of people think meditation is a very rigorous assignment. They think you have to learn how to go into an altered state. They quickly become overwhelmed and discouraged. Rather than having this negative mindset, I tell people to consider meditation like taking a visit to sit on God’s lap. You don’t have to do anything hard! To meditate is to allow yourself to go back to your spirit and rest.

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Meditation for Guidance

Here’s a very good image for learning to meditate. Ever see a pilot light on a stove or fireplace? It’s a perpetual burning fire. You have that in your heart! I want you to imagine a scenario right now.

Close your eyes, breathe in, and let out the tension in your body. Meditating simply opens a door for intuition.

Then, relax and focus on the inner fire, the ever-burning pilot light inside you. The world is spinning around, but nothing intrudes upon that inner flame. It just burns peacefully and brightly and gets bigger with your breath. Do this for three or four minutes, just watching this pilot light and letting it amplify.

Do this exercise for a few minutes in the morning, afternoon, and night. Once you get that quiet feeling, just ask your spirit, “What guidance do you have for me now?” Just listen with your heart and breathe.

If you get something, great. If not, don’t worry. You might get it later. Meditating simply opens a door for intuition to come in and puts you in a receptive state. You may not get an instant impulse, idea, or feedback, but you’ll get it sometime.

meditation for success
Meditation for success

Meditation for Feeling Good

Here’s another exercise. Imagine you’re fishing. Throw out the rod and reel in your desires. Your desires may be perfect love, a wonderful car, a magnificent home, a glorious job… whatever you want out of life.

Keep on imagining that you’re fishing, and every time you reel it in, your dream is a little more specific. Imagine the color of your wonderful dream car. How does it smell? What do the seats feel like? How do your hands feel on the wheel? Where will you drive it first?

Engage your feeling center so it feels good to you!

The key here is to engage your feeling center so it feels good to you. We do not create in our thinking center. We create in our feeling center. We want to feel good. So, we meditate on feeling good.

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Meditating for Enjoyment and Success

Soon, you will begin to enjoy your meditation sessions, and you won’t have difficulty getting started with each day’s meditation. Maybe you have trouble getting into a calm state. If you cannot slow down your life, at least start by slowing down your breathing.

When we rush, we stop breathing— but if you just breathe, it stretches time and gives you the time you need to attend to things and support your heart and authentic self. It gives you the space to hear and feel your intuition.

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Written By Sonia Choquette
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Why Meditation Is Essential For Success pin
Why Meditation Is Essential For Success

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For 40 years, Sonia Choquette has been an intuitive guide and spiritual teacher. For the past 30, she has traveled the world inspiring others as an author and speaker. She was raised in a family that recognized intuition as our most important guide in life surpassing all our other senses and has been a highly intuitive person her entire life. As young as age 12, she offered intuitive readings for adults and started training with two master teachers in metaphysical arts and spiritual law. Her life’s mission started at an early age because she knew that being disconnected from our inner guidance also disconnected us from Spirit, creativity, and our source of universal support. For her, trusting our vibes is the only path to living the empowered, authentic life we all desire – the one where we can successfully navigate life unfolding as it does, with all of its varying challenges and circumstances.View Author posts