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11 Morning Rituals That Can Change Your Life

Morning Rituals Change Life

The way you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day, so in a way, it can make or break your day. The habits or rituals that you practice when you wake up in the morning, can help decide whether you are going to have a positive, uplifting day or a sad and dreadful one. It’s all up to you, really.

If you are waking up with negative feelings in your heart every day of your life, then you need to establish a few positive, but effective morning rituals. These morning rituals will help you start your day on a positive and productive note. And the more you practice these, you will work towards changing your life for the better.

Here Are 11 Morning Rituals That Can Change Your Life

Morning Rituals Change Life infographics
11 Morning Rituals That Can Change Your Life

1. Have warm lemon water first thing in the morning.

Consuming a full glass of warm lemon water after waking up in the morning on an empty stomach, is an amazing way to kick start your day. One glass of this activates all your internal organs and gets your body going.

Make sure that the water is lukewarm, and not scalding hot, as you might not want to cause a shock to your system. Lemon helps in preparing your digestive system for the upcoming meals and adds flavor to the water. If you find it too tart, you can add a dash of honey to sweeten it a bit.

The re-hydration process

When you sleep through the night, your body doesn’t get any water for around 8 hours. So it’s vital that you change that by starting your day with a healthy amount of it. Don’t leave drinking water for later, and have other drinks and breakfast first; always start your day with a tall glass of water.

2. Be an early riser.

If you are a nyctophile, because of how quiet and peaceful it is at night, then be rest assured that you will also enjoy the peace that comes with early mornings. Staying up very late at night might feel amazing, but it’s not really a very healthy thing to practice. So, try to shift your personal time to the early hours of the morning, and see the changes it does to your body and health.

The best time for waking up

Wake up in conjunction with circadian rhythms if possible. Civil twilight is the ideal time to wake up since you will be able to see light outside, take in the sunrise, and even hear the birds singing. Before going out the door for your work and chores, make sure that you give your body at least an hour and a half to prepare itself for the day ahead.

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3. Clean your tongue.

Once you start cleaning/scraping your tongue after waking up every morning, be rest assured that you won’t be able to stop it. Scraping your tongue every day helps you to steer clear of morning breath, and also helps in making you feel rejuvenated, as you transition from sleep to wakefulness every day.

Want to know another interesting thing about scraping your tongue? After you get rid of the film on your tongue after scraping it, you will be able to taste your food better!

Using the correct tongue scraper

Many toothbrushes come with a scraper on their backs, but in case you don’t have one, you might want to buy a scraper separately. You can get the conventional triangle-shaped one or the one that has distinctive bristles that thoroughly cleans the tongue. You can also go for a stainless steel one and a U-shaped one.

4. Stretch for a few minutes.

Stretching in the morning is one of the best morning rituals you can practice. Stretching your body after getting up wakes your muscles up and prepares them for the upcoming day. Stretch for 5-10 minutes every morning and see how invigorated and relaxed you feel.

You can incorporate your stretches into a yoga or exercise routine if you are looking to lose some weight. But make sure that you do at least a few stretches, and not skimp on it at all.

How long should you stretch?

When you initially start stretching, it won’t really matter for how long you will do it, and will mostly depend on how much time you have. If you have just 5 minutes, then stretch for just 5 minutes. The more you develop the habit and get used to it, you will find yourself stretching for a longer period of time. Go with the flow, and listen to your body.

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