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5 Strategies To Perfect Your Morning Routine And Make Every Day a Good Day

Strategies To Perfect Your Morning Routine

Do you have more bad days than good days? Do you want to make your days better? Then you just need to do one thing: follow a good morning routine and watch how it changes your life.

Are you always rushing through your day? Struggling to keep up with deadlines? Getting the bare minimum done instead of doing your best to achieve your goals? Then it’s high time that you begin your day with good morning habits. If you are always reacting, instead of acting, then sticking to a morning routine can give you the leg up you need right now.

You can’t make everything go according to plan. But you can change one thing that’s wholly under your control: your morning. And that will change everything about the rest of your day,” explains author Jeremy Anderberg in an Art Of Manliness article.

Here’s what science says

In a TIME magazine article, K. Aleisha Fetters writes “Whether you’re an early bird or the definitive opposite of a morning person, a mounting body of research shows that exactly what you do (or don’t do) during the first few hours of your day makes a huge impact on your happiness, productivity levels, and even your overall health.” And it is even backed by science. 

According to a 2018 study, creating habits and routines can significantly help us in the long run. The research states “Routine is consistently found to be important for children. However, the importance of routine is not unique to children. Observational research indicates that individuals in good health engage in highly routine health behaviors.”

Another 2016 study, revealed that following good habits and routines on a daily basis, especially during the early stages of life, can determine success in adult life. Another study conducted in 2018, revealed that sticking to a morning routine can significantly reduce sleep inertia, increase morning activity levels, boost energy levels and improve performance.

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5 Strategies for the best morning routine 

Morning Routine Strategies For A Good Work Day
5 Strategies To Perfect Your Morning Routine And Make Every Day a Good Day

So if you are keen on having a good workday, move towards your goals and have a better life experience, then here are some strategies that you need to follow, according to the Art Of Manliness:

1. Establish the Rule of 3.

When we lack clarity about what exactly we need or want to work on ourselves, it can become a lot easier for us to get derailed due to unforeseen circumstances or other people. This is why it is crucial that we use the Rule of 3 to guide us through our day. Author Chris Bailey describes the concept as: 

At the beginning of each day, before you start working, decide what three things you want to accomplish by the end of the day. Do the same at the start of every week.

Hence, you need to start your day by setting 3 specific tasks that you will focus on for the day, despite whatever the circumstances are. These 3 priorities will help you get closer to your long-term goal one day at a time. Although you can set your priorities when you wake up, Jeremy Anderberg suggests it is best “to do it at the end of the previous workday.”

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2. Determine your intentions.

Another crucial morning routine is deciding what tasks you need to get done. This ensures a good start to a good day. But that’s obviously not enough. It is also important to set your intentions and know what your purpose is for the day. What is your overall goal for today?

According to author Caroline Webb, setting your intentions requires you to review your progress every single day. This is especially important when you are going through a long, challenging day when things are not going the way you wanted them to. “On days like these, keeping your intentions at the forefront of your mind will keep you from getting derailed,” writes author Jeremy Anderberg in the Art Of Manliness.

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