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10 Ways Your Instincts Are Telling You That You’re Stuck In A Bad Relationship

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5) You don’t make plans with each other

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If you prefer to spend time alone or with your friends over spending time with your partner most of the time than you clearly don’t enjoy their company a great deal.
If you don’t make enough plans together to go out on trips or vacations or other events that you would like to explore together as a couple, it’s a clear indication that you’re not really that into each other as you would like to believe.


6) You can’t be your authentic self with your partner

If you can’t be your authentic and vulnerable self with your partner, then who can you be authentic with?
When you are with the right partner, you can be 100% yourself without any need for pretense or fear of judgment or ridicule.

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“Whereas many people go through life holding back major pieces of themselves from everyone else — and only sharing what they want seen — when you find ‘The One,’ they can really ‘see’ you.
Moreover, you will feel comfortable to be yourself and feel accepted and loved, without any pretense. This backdrop creates a precious opportunity to have truly honest communication and to share love, fears, and hopes without judgment.” – Rabbi Bregman, Relationship Expert


But if you feel like you have to put on a mask to be with your partner and you can’t be your true self with them, it may be an indicator they’re not a good match for you in the long run.


7) You don’t laugh together

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Laughter is an important part of a relationship. Couples who are at ease with each other and can laugh together can sail through the hard times easier.
If you find it really hard to let your hair down with your partner and have fun and laughter together, your relationship will become more like a chore than your happy place.


“Laughter is an essential part of romantic connection. If you’re too serious, and you don’t know how to laugh together, your relationship probably won’t survive the [hard times].” – Dr. Tessina

8) You lack emotional intimacy and bonding

If you do not share a sense of intimacy, belongingness, and bonding that goes beyond physical with your partner, you will just feel a very shallow connection and it won’t keep you guys together for the long haul.
In a strong and solid relationship, both partners share emotional intimacy and bonding and want to grow and develop together as a team in the long run.


9) You don’t feel like being physically intimate with them

For a relationship to grow in the long run, you need to feel emotional and physical intimacy with your partner.


“If you’re not turned on, excited, or eager to be close, take note. To sustain intimacy throughout a long-term relationship, you need to begin with a strong intimate connection. If you’re enjoying snuggling, but never want it to go farther (or your partner doesn’t), then you’ve probably got a cuddly friend, not a love relationship.” –Dr. Tessina


10) You don’t feel safe or secure with them

Our feelings and emotions have a way of revealing our deepest thoughts and desires to us. It is very important to pay attention to how you feel.

If you feel insecure or alienated or unfulfilled consistently in your relationship, it is better to go to the core of the feelings and determine if you are really unhappy in the relationship and you are just keeping with it explains Psychotherapist – Jeffery Sumber,


“We all have a wide range of thoughts, from do they like me, do I like them, look at that other one over there, etc. If you also have a wave of intense love and kindness, sexual desire, appreciation, and gratitude, etc., it is likely that you’re with a partner whom you truly do love and admire. However, if you feel a deep sense of disgust, mistrust, alienation — more than once or twice — you might need to truly rethink the relationship or explore what is beneath the feelings. This will determine if you’re actually unhappy but telling yourself to keep with it. Your feelings are gold.”

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