The Least To The Most Flirtatious Signs Of The Zodiac Ranked


Think you are the King or the Queen of the game of flirting? Your zodiac has the answer. Before you find out your position in this list where the zodiacs have been ranked from the least flirty to the most flirtatious person, let us tell you that this nature depends not only on the zodiac but also on the gender. So, you might be on the higher level of the list while your male zodiac counterpart might be on the lower level.

Let’s see who wins the crown!


#24:  The Libra Man and his ego:

He’s quite silly and thinks through everything. His actions are impressive but after the first conversation, you wouldn’t probably enjoy bumping into him again.


#23:  The Aquarius Man doesn’t flirt at all; he’s just being weird:

The emotionally detached, weird Aquarius man can be good with his lame puns but cracking lame puns aren’t same as flirting. The two of you can gel well together if you too can’t really play this flirting game well.


#22:  The Aquarius Woman over-thinks too much and ruins the game for herself:

She has every conversation written in her head before going out on a date. She’s scared of rejection, she over-thinks too much. Hence, she lingers around the same position as her male counterpart. She struggles to become flirty and fails miserably, looking awfully awkward.


#21: The Taurus Man is too lazy and too disinterested to flirt:

Flirting? What’s the point? This is what that goes inside the minds of most Taurus men. He doesn’t feel interested to flirt and he’s too lazy to give effort. However, he has the potential. So, if he’s above average, he can be good with flirting.


#20:  The Gemini Woman needs to understand the difference between real life and reel life if she wants to flirt seriously:

Life isn’t Gossip Girl and you’re definitely not Blair Waldorf! So, snap out of it. The Gemini woman takes reel life too seriously and always tries to imitate ways of flirting from movies and television dramas. She needs to understand that she’s simply making herself look like a clown. However, being intuitive in nature, she avoids flirting completely.


#19:  The Libra Woman is too indecisive to flirt:

She’s sweet and loving but her indecisiveness makes her a bad flirt. She might have wits and she might be timid but that’s not a recipe to be a good flirt.


#18: The Taurus Woman can flirt but not with strangers:

Flirting has to be natural for the Taurus woman. She looks awkward if she’s flirting with a stranger. But if she the person is a close friend, she can be charming.


#17: The Pisces Man is pretty clumsy to be a flirt:

He stumbles upon his words, he embarrasses himself pretty often. If he is more careful, he can get a higher position in the list.


#16: The Gemini Man is inconsistent and doesn’t consider flirting as genuine:

He’s inconsistent; he thinks flirting is fake. He’s definitely not interested in someone he considers fake. Hence, the rank!


#15: The Capricorn Woman avoids eye contact:

You’re too shy, you Capricorn lady! How can you flirt well if you avoid eye contact?


#14: The Cancer Woman is sweet but that’s not tempting enough:

The Cancer woman is extremely sweet and caring. She will babysit you. You might enjoy flirting with her in the beginning but then, it gets boring.


#13: The timid Cancer Man is an accidental flirt:

Like his female counterpart, the Cancer Man is too caring to flirt. He’s timid and needs a confident woman to help him loosen up.


#12: The Pisces Woman can be a good flirt if she stays in the game all:

The Pisces woman is always in her dream world. If she snaps out of it and comes to the reality, she can be really tempting because she knows her game well.


#11: The Capricorn Man is good with texts but bad when he talks face-to-face:

He gets everything done in a perfect way. The Capricorn man just scores a big 10 when it comes to flirting over text but he messes it up when he’s flirting in person.

Emilia Gordon
Born and brought up in Kansas, Emilia is a writer and a social activist.She enjoys travelling and meeting new people
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