How They’ll Completely Break Your Heart, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

How They’ll Completely Break Your Heart, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Feeling depressed after the breakup? Didn’t get the closure? Are you blaming yourself and cursing for not being good enough? Different people break your heart for different reasons and often it has got to do something with their own personality.

Reading this post will help you know that some people are naturally master at the dark art of breaking hearts. You will realize that the end of the relationship is not because of a fault at your end. Your lover may or may not have wanted to hurt you, but ended up doing so for reasons best known to them.

It’s not you it’s them! The fault is in their stars!

Read on to know what different zodiacs think, why they act in a particular way and how they will break your heart.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

They Break Your Heart Zodiac Sign Aries
How They’ll Completely Break Your Heart, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

They don’t care as long as their selfish needs are met.

Aries have a difficult time staying committed to anything for a prolonged duration of time. They have a really short attention span and most of the time – uninterested and this is what makes them heart breakers.

They let in people in their lives by showing keen interest but just matter of a few weeks and they are already bored and looking for something else. It’s like they make one fall in love with them but then they don’t stay there to catch them. This is a serious problem when pursued by a potential partner.

Aries people seem to feel emotions intensely but especially those that stem from anger. Even when you are not the cause of their frustration, they will say mean things to you and vent out all the anguish on you – out of their impulsive nature. They will leave no stone unturned to pinpoint your dirty secrets, character flaws, or anything. They will do this as long as they feel satisfied or their selfish objectives are met.

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Taurus (April 20 – May 21)

They Break Your Heart Zodiac Sign Taurus
How They’ll Completely Break Your Heart, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

They feed off of their insecurity and disappoint their partner with immutable set of standards.

Taurus people are closed book and sometimes allow people to take a peek through few pages but as soon as they begin to know them little, they shut themselves again cutting off the people in their lives and breaking their hearts.

Although Taurus people are loyal, they are stubborn too. They are unwilling to compromise, have trouble letting go things and tend to brood over an issue for a very long time. They are good at pointing flaws in others but they fail to realise that there is no perfect human being on the Earth. They play the comparison game with their spouses or lovers i.e – they will compare your weaknesses with the strengths of the other people, leaving you to feel like a loser.

Even apologies won’t calm them so easily. Hardly anyone can attain Taurus people’s immutable set of standards. They are a tough nut, convincing and manipulative and that repels their lover for good.

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Gemini (May 22 – June 21)

They Break Your Heart Zodiac Sign Gemini
How They’ll Completely Break Your Heart, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Their indecisive nature prevents them to establish any serious attachment with their lovers.

Gemini people have an inconsistent mood that makes an emotional roller coaster which turns out to be a heart breaker for your potential partners. One day they are warm and fun and the very next day they are cold and completely different. Geminis just never seem to have any semblance of structure or stability with how they carry themself in a relationship.

On one hand, they seem to be a social butterfly, on the other hand, they are very detached from people around them. As they don’t like to be alone they will gel up with different lovers but are quite indecisive about whom to choose for a serious attachment and a long-term relationship. They are free-spirits and commitment is too hard a job for them.

Geminis are easily bored with any type of repetitions and routine, so, lasting emotional connections is something challenging for them. So, once the love flame dies out they will ghost their partner. They will go away from your life leaving you with self-doubt and wondering “what was my fault?”

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

They Break Your Heart Zodiac Sign cancer
How They’ll Completely Break Your Heart, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

They play the blame game and hold their partner down by guilt-tripping them.

Cancer people pay way much heed to what others have to say. Their habit of giving in to chatter from their family and friends breaks the heart of their partner. A single comment against their partner and they stop investing themselves in the relationship.

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