How You Break Your Own Heart Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Break Own Heart Zodiac Sign

We all fall in love, and fall out of it! We feel shattered when our hearts get broken. But do we realize that much of our hearts get broken because of our natural propensities and inclinations decided upon by our zodiac?

Here are the 12 zodiacs and how they break their own hearts according to their zodiac signs.

1. Aries:

Break Own Heart aries

Aries people break their own hearts by running after love at every chance they get. Sure you are very strong, passionate and always love to win in life. But, when it comes to love, no one can force and make things happen according to their will and wish.

By chasing lovers who are undeserving, Aries people end up as an emotional wreck. You must learn to let go and control your feelings. Can you live in a compromised relationship for the rest of your life? Don’t you think you’re worthy of real love? Wait for the one who deserves your big, generous heart.

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2. Taurus:

Break Own Heart taurus

Taurus often breaks their hearts while pretending that they don’t have one. Someone may be cold on the outside and you failing to tap their core feelings get broken easily. You must know that love won’t come chasing you. Little efforts from your side can take you a long way.

So, don’t be afraid of love. If you are involved with a boy or a girl, build a strong foundation of trust and certainty. Be cautious, but don’t build invisible walls around yourself in anticipation that you will get hurt again. You deserve real love, so please don’t succumb to those fears and insecurities. Always have faith in love and give that new guy a chance, feel things that you never felt before.

3. Gemini:

Break Own Heart gemini

Geminis often don’t let people in and are averse to finding new love! You think you are better off alone and feel broken all the time. This is faulty and dangerous. Find love and find care!

No doubt, you can communicate with people thoroughly and effectively and can easily make friends. Though you are socially dynamic, when it comes to matters of your heart, you seem to be numb. You need to boost your self-awareness so that you gain clarity of your feelings and emotions. Figure out your fears and commitment issues and what do you actually want.

You need to realize your real worth, love yourself first and only then you can easily find the love you deserve.

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4. Cancer:

Break Own Heart cancer

Cancer people often break their own heart by holding the past and hurting others needlessly. A lot of good people give you a chance and for one reason or another. However, relationships are not a priority at all for you!

You’re harming yourself by not letting go of the past. Anger, resentment and rumination are only keeping you in darkness. Maybe the past heartbreak left you shattered to an extent that you think nobody can love you immensely and choose to live with you forever.

You’re pushing away all the nice guys out there by being emotionally unavailable, Start living in the present moment and remember, that best is yet to come. Else, you’ll end things before it even begins. What if your new date turns out to be the most compatible partner ever? Muster up the courage to move on in life.

5. Leo:

Break Own Heart leo

Leo often break their own heart by wearing it up on their sleeve. You are impulsive and jump into conclusions very fast. Headlong intervention can break your heart. You need to love your partner without holding yourself back.

Your uber cool social media posts with your romantic partner can disguise people that you have a happening life. But, the truth is you’re deeply hurt and not at all living the life of your dreams.

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