The 6 Zodiac Signs Who Fall In Love So Hard That It Hurts

These 6 zodiac signs fall in love so hard that it hurts.

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Falling in love is hard on the knees! Or so the saying goes. While falling in love is great for the ego, it has its share of pitfalls.

It can be a terrifying experience as it takes a toll on your mind and if something goes wrong you fall hard.

Being in love is no wrong but nothing is good beyond its limits. Not even ‘Love’.

You should be slow when it comes to opening up to someone. Falling in love can mean putting everything at risk. Some zodiacs are willing to risk everything and fall in love.

They fall harder than the rest and do anything they like for the person they love.


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Here’s a list of zodiacs who fall in love so hard that it hurts:

1. Aries:

Aries adds more passion for relationships. They will do whatever is needed for their relationship to work. They trust their partners. Arians can be an overwhelming lover that gives in a lot to the relationship.


2. Gemini:

Geminis offers solace in relationships. The feeling of a new relationship is winsome. A Gemini is nervous and rests solely on the attraction quotient. They are always on the go to please their partners. They are not egoistic but solely dependent on their gut feelings.


3. Libra:

Libras are extremely loyal and avoids conflicts at all costs. They want their partners to soothe their egos and adore them once that is finished. They can be selfless once the trust is reinstated.


4. Virgo:

Virgos love intensely when they fall in love, because of this they give up easily when hurt. They are listless souls not happy with one person and feel it is necessary to move onto someone even better.


5. Sagittarius:

Sagittarius might appear strange and eerie in love. They are often vulnerable and open and feel honest about their partners.

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