Your Lucky Flower based on Your Zodiac Sign

Capricorn: Earth, Ruled by Saturn

Born on December 22nd – 31st. First Decan, 0-10 degrees, ruled by Saturn:


One of the most powerful flowers used for Magical Protection. It was once believed that snapdragon could efficiently banish the Dark Arts and the ones who practice them. Moreover, a house with Snapdragon – or one who carries a little flower – can attract publicity and shine in the crowd. It is believed to attract Salamanders who love to play with them.

Born on January 1st – 10th. Second Decan, 10-20 degrees, ruled by Venus:


This magical flower is associated with the Afterlife and Reincarnation. It helps us attune with our magical powers and success of previous life. Moreover, it helps us call people we loved from the past lives. Furthermore, it helps us heal emotional wounds and make peace with the past. Cyclamen radiate happiness.


Born on January 11th – 20th. Third Decan, 20-30 degrees, ruled by Mercury


It is the Flower associated with all the blessings of the World. Hence, Witches used it to decorate the beds of their new-born babies. It was believed that Fates would favor the child. Daisies are believed to help us communicate with Dryads (spirits of trees) and Fairies. The attract happiness and good luck of any kind.

Aquarius: Air, Ruled by Uranus

Born on January 21st – 29th. First Decan: 0-10 degrees, ruled by Uranus


Also known as Beth’s Root, trillium is essential in many forms of magic. It was used (and still is) by generations of Native americans to bring out creativity, inspiration and restore youth.


Born on January 30th – February 8th. Second Decan: 10-20 degrees, ruled by Mercury

Lemon Verbena

This lemony fresh herb is known and used in spells to break bad habits, purify the body and the mind, cleanse your space and remove negative energy or malevolent spells potentially due to its camphor content. Your lucky herb will help you shine like no one can


Born on February 9th – 18th. Third Decan: 20-30 degrees, ruled by Venus


He was a beloved friend and lover of Apollo. When he died accidentally, Apollo restored him to this amazing flower. The scent is believed to be a bridge through worlds and is especially used in Dream Magic. Moreover, Hyacinth can help us heal our emotional wounds and bless us with true Love.

Pisces: Water, Ruled by Neptune

Born on February 19th – 29th. First Decan: 0-10 degrees, ruled by Neptune


Your Lucky Flower, was most respected by fishermen due to its formidable property to confuse and paralyze fish. The root was placed on the nets to ensure a good catch and therefore was greatly appreciated. The dried Mullein was also known as ‘Graveyard’s Dust’. When placed in a glass bowl and filled with water from a spring would help greatly with divination bringing forth visions.


Born on March 1st – 10th. Second Decan: 10-20 degrees, ruled by Moon

Water Lily

This amazing flower is an aquatic plant which grows in ponds, lakes and still waters. It is associated with Neptune and the Moon. Ancient priests and priestesses prepared magical potions from your lucky flower in order to travel the other Realms and contact magical entities. It is adored by water Nymphs.


Born on March 11th – 20th. Third Decan: 20-30 degrees, ruled by Pluto


One of the most magical herbs, Violets, are sacred to the Fairy people and are attracted to them instantly. These odorous flowers radiate beauty and magic. Old Witches used to burn dried violets on Friday to summon the Fairies and the Elves. Your Lucky Flower attracts fairies and nymphs and is associated with Death and Rebirth. It is a key to other realms.

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Your Lucky Flower based on Your Zodiac Sign

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