Your Horoscope for the New Moon in Gemini – 22 May 2020

General Predictions for the New Moon in Gemini:

On May the 22nd, at 17:39 UT, the Moon meets the Sun, in Gemini, forming the New Moon. This New Moon is also the beginning of an Ecliptic Period which will last until the 20th of July, accommodating a total of three eclipses.

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Also, the New Moon will greatly affect Saturn, in an auspicious way. Therefore, meditation and visualisation will be extra strong during the waxing Moon period. Reforming ourselves and healing our souls, too. Try do as much of these as possible until the 30th of May, for, after then, the influences of the coming Eclipse will be strong enough and will make things more demanding and difficult.

During this waxing Moon only Mercury changes its zodiac, on the 28th, when it enters Cancer. From then on, Mercury, too, will start slowing down considerably, as it will be turning retrograde during the waning Moon. So, things slow down a bit more, now.

In the same time, though, as the energies of the Eclipse are building up day by day, the tension between the strong retrograde activity that demands we slow down and think everything carefully, and the Eclipse which demands immediate action and flexibility, becomes stronger, too. And this can throw us off balance. Therefore, balancing ourselves, and relaxing our schedule as much as possible, are both advisable.


The inauspicious aspects of the New Moon:

The Retrograde Venus’ square with Neptune, which was accurate for a second time on the 20th, is still active and will be affecting us until 8th of June. Although, now, it loses power by the day, it still can challenge our emotional balance and our relationships, of any kind. Love life, too, of course, is affected, and so are health, artistic creativity, our sense of beauty and our sense of joy.

Mercury, from Gemini, also squares Neptune, in Pisces. This square will be accurate on the this New Moon and it will remain active until the 29th. Under this square, rationality and feelings affect each other and important decisions need more attention. Also, try not to jump in conclusions during discussions, especially with people with whom your relationship has some problems.

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From the 1st of June, the Sun will be squaring Neptune, too, but we’ll feel this influence mostly during the waning Moon. On the other hand, accurately on the 6th of June, the Sun squares Mars. This square has been slightly affecting us during the waning Moon, but now becomes much stronger. The square will remain active until the 3rd of July. By then, Mars will be in Aries and the Sun will be in Cancer.

Venus also squares Mars. Accurately so on the 3rd of June. This square will be active from the 26th of May and until the 11th of June. This can bring more tension in our personal relationships and, also, it calls for more attention in health matters. Working out too much, or carelessly isn’t advisable anytime, of course, but even more strongly under the influences of this square.


The auspicious aspects of the New Moon:

Mercury is in a conjunction with Venus. Accurately so the very day of this New Moon, and the aspect will remain active until the 27th. This aspect reduces a little the stress in our love life, as it gives us some help in solving problems, there, including the problem of the lack of a relationship.

Also until the 27th, the Sun’s triangle with the Retrograde Jupiter is still active. Although this triangle is now living its last days, and it’s not very strong, it still blesses us with some good luck.

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