Your Horoscope for the New Moon in Aries – 24 March 2020

General Predictions for the New Moon in Aries:

On March the 24th, at 09:28 UT, the Moon meets the Sun, in Aries, forming the New Moon.

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During this waxing Moon period, Mars leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius, on the 30th of March. Also, Venus leaves Taurus and enters Gemini, on the 3rd of April. So, slowly, but significantly, the astrological scenery is changing.


The inauspicious aspects of the New Moon:

One of the most important inauspicious aspects of the period is the square of Saturn and Uranus. This square has been active for quite some time before Saturn entered Aquarius, but only recently, and especially it became significantly strong as Saturn was also supported majorly by too many beneficial influences. One of those – Saturn’s hexagon with Neptune – stopped acting completely when Saturn entered Aquarius. This square won’t become perfect this year, but it will continue being strongly active until the time Saturn returns to Capricorn, again, on the 1st of June. Because of this square, our sense of freedom is restricted. Social activity also receives some restrictions and stress. The online one, too, will face some stress. Our ability to create beneficial changes in our lives faces more challenges, as well, and we’ll need to put much more effort into such goals.

Mars is also in a square with Uranus, since the day of this New Moon. This square will be precise on the 7th of April, the eve of the Full Moon, and it will remain active until the 23rd of April, the day of the next New Moon. This will bring even more stress and tension in the same areas Saturn’s square to Uranus brings. It can also make us less patient and more willing to take unwise risks. This is a tendency we need to control. It also calls for more attention in health matters, which, though, is, by all means, advisable under the current conditions.

Thankfully, no other strong, long-term aspect influences this period.


The auspicious aspects of the New Moon:

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On the good side, Mercury’s hexagon with Uranus is still active and will remain so until the 31st of March. This reduces some of the stress in social activity, and especially the online one. It also helps online trade and all web-based jobs. It can even bring the chance of additional jobs or sources of income via the internet. It’s a good period for working on and promoting your web pages, social media profiles and the like.

The Sun’s hexagon with Saturn is still active, and it will remain so until the 30th of March. This, too, can reduce some of the stress Saturn’s and Uranus’ square produces and support our efforts for beneficial changes. As this aspect, though, loses its power fast, day by day, it would be advisable to act quickly. Furthermore, this aspect can make visualization and meditation more effective. The Sun is also in a hexagon with Mars. This, too, will be active until the 30th of March, strengthening the Sun’s blessings. Unfortunately, it can strengthen our impatience, as well.

Mars is also in an extra long-lasting triangle with Venus, which will last until the 15th of May. This triangle will never become accurate, but it affects us strongly and especially so during this period and the coming waning Moon period. Thanks to this triangle, love life receive support and sex life can be more pleasant, for those in a relationship. Those searching for sex partners, though, should be extra careful. Nurturing your seductiveness, though, both magically and practically, receives support.

As Venus forms a triangle with Saturn, too, meditation and affirmations can help you to that end, too. Building the spiritual foundations for happier love life is also possible, for the singles, while making your current relationship healthier and stronger is possible for those already in a relationship. Venus’ and Saturn’s triangle will become accurate on the 5th of April, but it will be affecting us since the 25th of March and until the 18th of April.

Mars is also in conjunction with Jupiter and Pluto. Jupiter’s conjunction was accurate on the 20th of February, but it will remain active until the eve of the Full Moon. Pluto’s conjunction was accurate on the 23rd of February and it will remain active until the 6th of March. On top of that, the year-long conjunction of Pluto and Jupiter now lives its strongest period and it will become precise on the 5th of April. All this activity, amongst else, gives great power to magic and spirituality. Preparing, charging and using talismans, magical perfumes, philters, and potions can be more effective than usual. Spiritual and energy healing methods can also produce better results. Also, some advancement in medicine is expectable.

Venus is in a triangle with Jupiter. This triangle will be accurate on the 28th of March, but it’s already active and it will remain active until the 10th of April. At the same time, Venus forms a triangle with Pluto. This one will be accurate on the 29th of March and it will remain active until the 9th of April. Both these triangles promote artistic creation, as well as the cultivation of artistic skills. They give great support to health magic, beauty magic, and love magic. They can help existing relationships and they can even give the possibility of new ones. Traditional healing also receives support. Furthermore, these triangles, too, promise some significant developments in medicine.

Finally, Mercury is in conjunction with Neptune. This conjunction will be accurate on the 4th of April and it will be active from the 27th of March and until the 10th of April. This conjunction supports our otherwise stressed emotional condition. It also supports all magic and spirituality. Meditation, hypnosis, visualization and the like even more so. It can also help us heal problems in our souls and our relationships, romantic and of other kinds.



So, overall, this is more helpful than not period, even if it doesn’t look like one. Things that are not in our full control can become somewhat harder – or feel like they do – but if you focus on what you can do, you can achieve more than you’d thought you could.


New Moon Predictions for Aries:

Money needs some attention and your expenses some moderation, under the influences of this New Moon and this waxing Moon period. Some expenses and even losses are possible to appear out of the blue. Nonetheless, money also receives some support. Especially regarding your income and your long-term financial security. Achieving a better income, or finding additional sources of one is possible. Turning a hobby to a living providing occupation also receives support.

The Internet and your high-tech equipment can cause you some stress, but they are most helpful. Jobs based on these receive more beneficial energies than the rest. Also, managing and developing your social media and web pages is advisable and easier and it can produce good results, too. Online socialization can also be both pleasant and productive.

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New Moon Predictions for Taurus:

Work, career and business matters receive both stressful and beneficial energies, during this period. Things are difficult, but progress can be achieved. Starting a new business, or changing your line of career, and great changes like those receive the most stressful influences. Finding ways to increase your profit, or to have an additional income, though, receive mostly supportive energies. Internet and all kinds of arts and crafts can become a means to that end.

In fact, this is a very good period, for you, to achieve progress via social media and web-pages. This is true, whether they are personal, or professional ones. Furthermore, focusing and working on your projects can be quite productive. Acquiring knowledge, too, receives support.

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