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Your Horoscope For The Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius – 03 August 2020

General Predictions for the New Moon in Cancer:

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On August the 3rd, at 15:59 UT, the Moon, from Aquarius, accurately opposes the Sun, in Leo, forming the Full Moon.

This Full Moon strongly stresses Uranus, therefore, it might bring, or force challenging and, maybe, unexpected changes. This will affect the whole fortnight, but from the 12th onwards it will be calmer. Nonetheless, keeping a flexible mindset, and, if possible, a flexible schedule, is advisable throughout the waning Moon period.

Also, the Full Moon strongly affects, but beneficially so, the Retrograde Chiron. Karmic, significant and life changing (or, at least, year changing) experience may occur during this waning Moon. This will affect all zodiacs, but Leo, Aquarius, Aries and then Sagittarius, Taurus and Scorpio will experience this influence more strongly.

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A total of five planets are in retrograde motion during this Full Moon, four major ones and Chiron, and this will remain the case until the 15th of August, at 14:26 UT, when Uranus will be turning into retrograde motion, too. Furthermore, Mars, who has started slowing down, slightly, during the waxing Moon period, now slows down even more. It’s still fast enough, and it won’t be turning retrograde until the next waning Moon period, but it strengthens the overall slow-paced, strongly retrograde planetary influences. Risky and hasty decisions and actions are not advisable, for the whole 6 month period, but even less so under such circumstances.

Nonetheless, two planets change their zodiac sign. Mercury, on the 5th, enters Leo, and Venus, on the 7th, enters Cancer, so things do change. In actuality, this is the second greatest planetary energy shift we’ll experience, until Jupiter turns back into direct motion. It’s not a huge one, but it is a significant one.

New Moon Predictions for Aries:

Finances receive some stressful energies from this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Social obligations, too, can stress them. From the 9th of the month, and even more so from the 13th, things get better. Despite the possible stress on your wallet, social life seems mostly pleasant. Love life, too, receives some support and, possibly, some good luck. Meeting new people is possible to happen, and easier for you to achieve. It does receive auspicious influences, but being careful and not hasty is advisable.

Work, career and business matters need much attention. Long term planning and getting ready for future moves receive mostly supportive energies, but what happens right now receives mostly stressful ones. Therefore, this is a good period to take a leave. If not, make sure you do your best to avoid mistakes and any risky moves.

New Moon Predictions for Taurus:

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Your mood and your emotional condition receive some stressful energies from this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Keeping a positive outlook can help you deal with all challenges better and it will support all your efforts. Home, family and your environment, in general, too, can cause you some stress. Travelling and driving need some extra attention for everyone, but even more so, for you. Furthermore, social life can be somewhat unpleasant and unfulfilling.

From the 9th of the month, onwards, though, things in your social life change and become much better. It can also become more active, while meeting new people is possible and achievable. Productivity and creativity are quite strong and this is a period you should be focusing on your goals and projects. Self healing is also strong and so are all your psychic abilities.

New Moon Predictions for Gemini:

Work, career and business matters, as well as finances receive many of the influences of this New Moon and this waning Moon period, for good and ill. In most cases, things are stressful and challenging in work. Maybe some extra effort becomes necessary, too, and not always for a good reason. Successes can become more difficult to achieve, but you are achieving them, but they can be less profitable, or otherwise less rewarding. Other financial matters, too, receive some stressful energies and need a more careful and wise handling. After the 9th of the month, though, things are getting somewhat better.

Your mood and your emotional condition, too, seem sensitive and need your care and support. Your friends and your social life can also stress you. From the 12th onwards, though, things look much more pleasant. Regardless the problems and the stress, though, throughout the period, your productivity is strong.

New Moon Predictions for Cancer:

Colleagues and business partners can cause you some stress, under the influences of this Full Moon and this waning Moon period. Some extra challenges might also appear, in work, and it might become less profitable. This will be more true for online businesses and trade of all kinds. Other than those, though, work and business matters receive mostly supportive energies. Finances, too, receive some stress. Some extra expenses might appear unexpectedly. Contracts and deals need some extra thinking, too. Your income, if anything, receives support. From the 12th of the month, finances get better.

Social and love life, too, receive a little stress, and need some more care and attention, but the supportive influences, there are stronger, so things are looking good. After the 8th of the month, even more so.

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