Fun Test: Choose A Flower And See What It Reveals About Your Love Life

Choose Flower Reveals Love Life

“He loves me, he loves me not”— does this phrase bring back memories of a whirlwind teen romance? Haven’t we all played this silly yet cute game with the petals of a flower, hoping to find answers about our crush? Turns out, flowers can actually say a lot about your love life and romantic partner.

When it comes to making loved ones feel special, flowers are one of the most popular gifts to convey feelings. Each flower symbolizes a special meaning, like rose symbolizes passion and lily stands for purity. So it’s no surprise that each and every sentiment can be expressed through a unique flower. You can never go wrong with flowers as a gift!

Now, without further ado, let’s begin this fun test.

The flower you pick is a representation of your personality and the kind of person you want as a life partner.

Step 1: Pick your favorite flower from the images below:


Step 2: Find the details about your love life from the results given below.

1. Lily

Choose Flower Reveals Love Life lily

Lilies symbolize purity, devotion and motherhood.

If you have chosen the lily, then you will enjoy harmony and tranquility in your love life. Your life partner is going to be very attached to his/her family. As a couple, you both will dream of having a family of your own, small or big, and that will become the topmost priority in your lives. The simple moments and the little joys enjoyed together are the most precious to you.

2. Sunflower

Choose Flower Reveals Love Life sunflower

The happy flower, sunflower, symbolizes loyalty and adoration. These flowers have the “sun” in their name and represent warmth and optimism.

If you have chosen the sunflower, then all you want from your love life is a partner you can trust with all your heart. You don’t need to be pampered with expensive gifts but you want your partner’s undivided attention and time. Have faith, you will find a life partner who is loyal, trustworthy, and adores all the little parts of you that no one else notices.

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3. Bird of Paradise

Choose Flower Reveals Love Life bird of paradise

The vibrant hued flower, bird of paradise, is a symbol of freedom and joy!

If you have chosen the bird of paradise, then it means that you’re a unique personality and you need a life partner who is independent but understanding. Your romantic partner must be free-spirited, spontaneous and easy-going. You love adventures and traveling, and your life partner must be as fun-loving and sporty as you are! Both of you will create many wonderful memories together in different parts of the world.

4. Rose

Choose Flower Reveals Love Life rose

Ah, the mesmerizing bloom atop thorny stems- Rose symbolizes romance, completion and perfection.

Selecting rose indicates that you love a classic romance! A partner who appreciates all the little things in the relationship with grand gestures. You need a person who expresses his/her love for you through adorable gestures that make you feel all gooey inside. You crave a partner who is willing to put in the effort, who listens to you, who understands your moods, and makes you laugh even on your bad days.

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