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Flower Personality Test: Choose A Flower And See What It Reveals About Your Love Life

Flower Personality Test Reveals About Love Life

Do you have a favorite flower? Well, this fun flower personality test can reveal a lot about your romantic life. All you need to do is pick one from the image below and see what it symbolizes.

“He loves me, he loves me not”— does this phrase bring back memories of a whirlwind teen romance? Haven’t we all played this silly yet cute game with the petals of a flower, hoping to find answers about our crush? Turns out, flowers can actually say a lot about your love life and romantic partner.

When it comes to making loved ones feel special, flowers are one of the most popular gifts to convey feelings. Each flower symbolizes a special meaning, like rose symbolizes passion and lily stands for purity. So it’s no surprise that each and every sentiment can be expressed through a unique flower. You can never go wrong with flowers as a gift!

Now, without further ado, let’s begin this fun test.

The flower you pick is a representation of your personality and the kind of person you want as a life partner.

Flower Personality Test: Which Flower Is Your Favorite?

Step 1: Pick your favorite flower from the image below:

Choose A Flower Personality Test: Know About Your Love Life

Step 2: Find the details about your love life from the results given below.

Answers To Reveal Details About Your Romantic Life

1. Lily

Choose Flower Reveals Love Life lily

Lilies symbolize purity, devotion and motherhood.

If you chose the lily, your romantic life will be a peaceful and harmonious relationship. Your future partner will be deeply loyal to his or her family. Your shared desire of starting a family, no matter how big or small, will receive priority in your relationship.

The things that are most valuable to you are the simple moments and small pleasures shared with each other.

2. Sunflower

Choose Flower Reveals Love Life sunflower
Choose A Flower Personality Test To Discover Your Love Life

The happy flower, the sunflower, symbolizes loyalty and adoration. These flowers have the “sun” in their name and represent warmth and optimism.

If you choose the sunflower, your only priority in a romantic relationship is finding someone you can rely completely upon. You want your partner’s undivided attention and time, not to be showered with extravagant gifts.

Have confidence; you will meet a life partner who loves all the subtle aspects of you that no one else does and who is faithful and genuine to you.

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3. Bird of Paradise

Choose Flower Reveals Love Life bird of paradise

The vibrant hued flower, bird of paradise, is a symbol of freedom and joy!

If you choose the bird of paradise, it indicates that you have a special personality and require an understanding yet independent life partner. Your romantic partner must be adventurous, and free-spirited.

ou enjoy seeing new places and having experiences, thus your life partner should have these same traits. Together, the two of you will make many special memories in many destinations throughout the world.

4. Rose

Choose Flower Reveals Love Life rose
Flower Personality Test: Choose A Flower And See What It Reveals About Your Love Life

Red roses symbolize romance, desire, completion and perfection.

If you choose rose, you obviously enjoy a good old-fashioned romance! A  lover who consistently makes efforts to show appreciation for all the small details in a relationship.

You need someone who makes you feel all mushy inside by making lovely gestures to show you how much they care. You want a companion who will put in the effort, someone who will pay attention to you, who will be understanding of your mood swings, and who will make you laugh even on your tough days.

5. Daffodil

Choose Flower Reveals Love Life daffodil
What Is My Favorite Flower Quiz: Know About Your Love Life

A pristine spring flower, one of the first blooms after the winter frost clears- the flower daffodil symbolizes new beginnings, renewal and rebirth.

If you’ve chosen the daffodil, it indicates that your love life is in for a fresh start. You have been hurt and heartbroken many times in the past, but let not your negative experiences hold you back from falling in love once again. Believe me, there’s something so magical waiting for you!

All the pain has made you put up walls. But stay open for the right person. You will find a person who makes love seem easy even after everything you’ve gone through.

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6. Tulip

Choose Flower Reveals Love Life tulip

The classic flower tulip has been adored for centuries and associated with love. Tulips symbolize deep and perfect love.

You need a romantic partner who provides comfort, warmth, and most importantly, emotional support. You want your love life to be very colorful but you also crave support and encouragement. You need a life partner who helps you grow, who pushes you to aim higher and achieve your dreams.

7. Jasmine

Choose Flower Reveals Love Life jasmine
Flower Personality Test: Choose A Flower And See What It Reveals About Your Love Life

The heavenly perfumed jasmine flower symbolizes beauty and sensuality.

If you choose jasmine, your romantic life will be filled with wonderful sensuous encounters. You and your companion will experience strong emotional and physical intimacy, resulting in a successful and meaningful relationship.

However, if your relationship becomes long-distance for any reason, it may become stressful as you have significant trust issues when it comes to your love life.

8. Blue Violet

Choose Flower Reveals Love Life blue violet

This beautiful flower symbolizes trustworthiness and affection.

You are lucky in your love life because you will find a partner who is very caring and affectionate. He/she will be the type to cook a favorite dish after you’ve had a tiring day at work and take long walks with you talking about sweet nothings…

Your partner will also be very faithful. but remember, even the best relationships get ruined if you don’t work on it constantly.

Share this fun test with your friends and family! They will surely enjoy finding out details about their love life!

Choose Flower Reveals Love Life pin
What Is My Favorite Flower Quiz: Know About Your Love Life
Flower Personality Test Reveals About Love Life pin

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