What Kind Of Sexy Are You? Find Out With This Fun Personality Test

What Kind Of Sexy Are You

When it comes to sexiness, everyone is sexy in their own, unique, and beautiful way. So, what kind of sexy do you think you are?

What is sexiness anyway?

I think it varies from person to person…what sexiness means to me may not be to you (and vice versa).  I do believe, however, that it comes from within.  It shines through your authenticity and owning who you are and expressing it through your art….your work….you!

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We know you’re sexy, but what KIND of sexy are you really?

  • The Mysterious
  • The Intellectual
  • The Funny
  • The Charming 
  • The Gentle
  • The Wild

Quiz- What Kind Of sexy Are You
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29 thoughts on “What Kind Of Sexy Are You? Find Out With This Fun Personality Test”

    1. You are a very intelligent and sophisticated person. You know a lot of things about different subjects and you’re not afraid of showing it. Unlike other people, you don’t do it in a “show-off” kind of way, but in a very straightforward and natural way. People just love talking to you, hear your opinion and ask your advice on different matters, and as we all know, a great mind is more sexy than anything. You are a living proof that being sexy is not just about wearing the tightest clothes – it’s about having the sharpest brain!

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