Your Lucky Flower based on Your Zodiac Sign

Your Lucky Flower based on Your Zodiac Sign

Which is the Lucky Flowers based on your Zodiac Sign? Each Zodiac Sign is associated with Herbs, Flowers, Magical abilities, etc.

Your Lucky Flower is a very personal symbol which – as the Totem Animal – connects us with mother nature. Use it wisely to bring forth its blessings. Of course, if you are allergic to it choose other alternatives of the sign. Some flowers might be poisonous (especially foxglove) hence be very careful when you handle them.

Your Lucky Flower Based On Your Zodiac Sign

First of all, we have to make it more personal. All Zodiac Signs are split in their 3 decades. Each decan is ruled by a different planet hence it is more associated with you.

What if I’m born on Cusp?

If you are born on cusp both Flowers are lucky for you!

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1. Aries: Fire, Ruled By Mars

Born on March 21st – 30th: First Decan, 0-10 degrees, ruled by Mars:

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle has been one of the most blessed herbs, loved by many Witches around the World. Due to its appearance and the milky substance, it contains it was associated in very early times with pregnancy and lactation. The whole flowers along with the spikes were used for protection during pregnancy and were placed in a magical bag along with other herbs such as motherwort. The bag was placed underneath the bed of the mother to ensure protection during pregnancy and safe labor. Your lucky flower is blessed by Mother Nature, Herself.

Born on March 31st – April 9th: Second Decan, 10-20 degrees, ruled by Sun:


They were associated with Gods and Goddesses of Spring and all their feasts. Moreover, a tulip bulb is believed to attract love and helps us banish our fears and attachment issues. It was used by ancient priests to celebrate Love and Affection as well as the rebirth of Nature. Tulip is known for its simple and elegant beauty and it helps us feel beautiful from the inside.

Born on April 10th – 20th. Third Decan, 20-30 degrees, ruled by Jupiter:


Your lucky flower promises riches and success. Its scent is believed to attract money and abundance. This flower is also adored by fairies you are believed to drink from their ‘nectar’. Planting honeysuckle is believed to spread good luck and sustainable growth. You can also leave small offerings to the fairies as well as wishes too for them.

2. Taurus: Earth, Ruled By Venus

April 21st – 30th. First Decan, 0-10 degrees, ruled by Venus:


It is believed to be the Perfect Flower. Hence is both associated with Beauty and Wisdom as well. Uncountable legends tell us about the powers and the magical wisdom that surrounds the Rose. Moreover, the five-petaled rose is associated with the Pentagram and the Hieroglyph of the Rose implies a Gateway.

May 1st – 10th. Second Decan, 10-20 degrees, ruled by Mercury:


This amazing red flower is associated with Goddess Persephone whose return marks the coming of Spring. It reigns in Spring and is also associated with triplet Winged Gods Oniros, Hypnos and Thanatos (gods of Dreams, Sleep and Death). Hence everything that has to do with the Night, Death and Dreams is associated with this flower. Moreover, Poppies are used is Good Luck spells and Invisibility Spells.

May 11th – 21st. Third Decan, 20-30 degrees, ruled by Saturn:

Foxglove (***Poisonous)

Foxglove is a beautiful and quite distinct plant and its flowers have the shape of bells. Witches believed that when the plant was gently moved the flowers made a magical sound that was heard in the spirit world and it was answered by fairies and spirits. Therefore, when they wanted to contact such entities they would focus their intention on the person or entity and ring the bells of the Foxglove to contact them. Druids believed that the Foxglove was sacred to the elemental powers and should not be cut as it would anger the spirits of the Forest, however, this may have been a mere warning as the plant is poisonous.

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3. Gemini: Air, Ruled By Mercury

Born On May 22nd – 31st: First Decan, 0-10 degrees, ruled by Mercury:


Your lucky herb is very famous for its attraction power and its ability to promote sexual arousal. Prostitutes once wore it to attract customers and to make their “merchandise” look more appealing. In addition, the scent of it was said that promotes longevity. In general, lavender is used to enhance your social skills, promote peace and make you more attractive.

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